Russian singer, musician, Honored Artist of Russia Leonid Agutin said that he does not like the “Song of the Year” and does not watch the New Year’s “Blue Lights”, but participates “so as not to anger God”, because “he is called to this service”, which allegedly has not brought money or fame for a long time, only takes time.

“Me too (I don’t like the “Song of the Year”, – note VIEW) (…). And I don’t look at the lights. I don’t watch TV at all. I don’t even have one. If you like the intricacy of words and letter combinations tied to the photo, put a like. If not, pass by. If you don’t want to watch “lights”, don’t look. The Internet has everything you want. I’m not watching, but I’m participating. Because they are watched by millions! Because thousands of artists dream of getting there. Because I have been called to this service, which has not brought any money or fame for a long time, it only takes time. But I am still here, so as not to anger God. Lucky – be patient, as they say,” Agutin wrote on his Facebook page.

Recall that in November 2020, singer Valery Meladze appealed to other artists to abandon filming in New Year’s broadcasts. The singer explained that without New Year’s concerts canceled due to the pandemic, there is no “sense of celebration”, and if the work of artists in public is prohibited, then it is also not necessary to appear in New Year’s broadcasts.

Music producer Joseph Prigozhin spoke in support of Meladze. Commenting on the situation, singer Lev Leshchenko suggested that artists demand fees from TV channels for filming New Year’s broadcasts. Musician and composer Yuri Loza expressed his willingness to appear in the New Year’s program instead of Meladze and Kirkorov. Russian journalist, music critic and TV presenter Ilya Legostaev supported Meladze’s proposal to cancel the New Year’s blue lights and other music programs.

Later, Meladze himself complained about the loss of annual earnings due to the ban on holding mass events due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus, but at the same time expressed his readiness to boycott the New Year’s “lights” alone, “sit at home like everyone else and watch TV.”

At the same time, readers of the newspaper VZGLYAD in social networks expressed that Alla Pugacheva and Valery Meladze should give way to young artists in the New Year’s “lights”.