American scientists from the biopharmaceutical company, Sorrento Therapeutics have discovered an antibody that, according to their statement, 100 percent blocking the coronavirus. It is reported by Fox News.

According to the source, the experts analyzed the billions of antibodies, which revealed that hundreds may affect the coronavirus. After that, scientists have identified dozens of antibodies, and further study showed that one — STI-1499 — capable of 100 percent to protect human cells from being infected.

it is Noted that it coats the virus and removes it from the body in four days. “We stress that this medication. There is a solution that definitely works,” said Dr. Henry JI (Dr. Henry Ji), the founder of Sorrento Therapeutics. The tests were performed only in laboratory conditions, therefore, the company has not yet received permission to release the drug.

Dr. g said that with this medicine quarantine in all countries, it will be possible to remove. “If we have neutralizing antibody in the body, the social distance would not be necessary”, — he stressed.

on 15 may, the head of the Federal biomedical Agency (FMBA) of Russia Veronika Skvortsova said that the antimalarial drug mefloquine on the results of preclinical studies showed the ability of the complete suppression of coronavirus after 48 hours of infection. According to her, this requires a very small dose of two micrograms per milliliter. Potential medication Skvortsova called both preventive and curative.

At the moment, the vaccine against the new coronavirus does not exist, scientists from different countries, including Russia, are actively engaged in its development. For the treatment of coronavirus infection while the use of unlicensed drugs and experimental therapy, for example, with the use of mefloquine or hydroxychloroquine.