Digital crossing point to help track violators of isolation

Point control using digital badges has become an effective tool for tracking violators of the regime of high alert in Moscow, said Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin live on TV channel “Russia 24”.

According to the Mayor of Moscow, the implementation of electronic permits, a measure which the city tried to postpone. While it is necessary at this stage.

“a Complicated story, but the e-pass help us track point violators of mode isolation”, — he said.

as a result of the action passes the daily flow of people in the capital decreased significantly.

the mayor also reminded that the city moved to the remote monitoring of movement of vehicles and use of transport cards, which should be made in the base of the pass.

How to get a digital pass: the answers to the main questions of the Digital pass in Moscow now check automatically

on April 15, residents of Moscow and the Moscow region are required to obtain a digital pass if they travel by car or public transport. From April 22 ushers went into automatic mode. Control is carried out with the help of the cameras fotovideofiksatsii violations of traffic rules (for those who are travelling by car), as well as subway turnstiles and validators. Use of public transport citizens may travel tickets written on the card “Troika” or “Arrow”, a monthly travel ticket, and also social maps.

And a transport map or the car number must be attached to the digital pass at least five hours before you travel.

For walking Muscovites do not require permits. Residents can walk to the nearest shop or pharmacy, take out the trash or walking the dog (at a distance of not more than 100 meters from the house).

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