New methods of treatment and correction of teeth allow you to win almost any disease of the mouth and provide a perfect smile. However, their conduct should be strictly in specialized clinics.

a Revolution in the treatment of inflammatory and atrophic diseases of the oral cavity produced plazmoliftinga procedure, when the patient injected his own blood plasma enriched with platelets. Treatment helps to overcome any inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, eliminate unpleasant odor and accelerate the healing of wounds. Plasmolifting is useful, for example, with the installation of implants.

“However, it is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, chronic diseases of internal organs, diabetes, problems with the endocrine system, the presence of viral, fungal or oncological diseases, problems with blood clotting and intolerance of heparin,” reported the chief doctor of the dental clinic Louise Avtandilyan. In addition, the day before visiting the clinic have to give up fatty and fried food, plenty to drink and not to drink alcohol.

For lovers of coffee and tea can be useful cold teeth whitening. Use halogen or LED lamps helps to avoid discomfort and to achieve the effect of one treatment. However, cold whitening can not be carried out up to 16 years, during pregnancy and lactation, in the presence of Allergy to substances contained in the composition of the oxygen of the gel. It is also contraindicated for people with diabetes, pathological attrition of teeth or cancer.

to Adjust the occlusion will allow special aligners – aligners. Unlike braces, which are fixed on each tooth, aligners are produced on the entire jaw and therefore almost invisible. Veneers and Lumineers are thin pads that cover the outer surface of the teeth. Solve several problems at once: adjust the size and shape, clean cracks, allow to forget about the discolorations, which can not cope bleaching.