the opening of the Museum of Pushkin, the prohibition to send children by parcel, the first step to the creation of the CIA and other interesting events of the day.

In 1860 by decree of Alexander II was approved by the Central Bank in pre-revolutionary Russia. Formally he was not the first: in 1762 Emperor Peter III, with the purpose of the issue of notes established the “state Bank,” but it existed only de jure, and the Emperor was soon overthrown in a Palace coup. In the XIX century in the country there are different banks with the word “state” in the title. But only founded 13 June 1860, the body fulfill all major functions of the Central Bank.

Belgian immunologist and bacteriologist, Nobel prize in physiology and medicine in 1919, together with O. Jango allocated Bacillus — the causative agent of whooping cough. He also developed the doctrine of anaphylaxis and the theory of bacteriophage, proposed a theory of blood coagulation.

It happened in 1892 in Kiev. He went to Central street, Khreshchatyk, while this thread is not closed in 1934. 4 years later electric trams appeared in Nizhny Novgorod, and in 1899, in Moscow and Kazan.

the Ceremony took place in 1912 in the presence of Nicholas II to his mother Maria Feodorovna and daughters. At the time of the legendary institution was called the Museum of fine arts named after Emperor Alexander III.

This is the solution to the postal service of the country adopted in 1920. The fact is that since 1913, the country had the “Law on postal services”, allowing to send creatures weighing up to 50 pounds (23 kg). But the Americans sent not only dogs, cats or sheep, but young children, identifying them to “living creatures.” The postman delivered a package directly to the destination.

on 13 June 1942, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt decided to establish the office of strategic services, which later became the CIA. The Department operated during the Second world war, but the bulk of the responsibilities of the future management at that time was performed by the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI). But the CIA itself appears in 1947 after the adoption of the national security Act signed by US President Harry S. Truman.

people’s artist of Russia was born in 1958 in Kiev. Makovetsky has played many roles in theater and became famous thanks to the filming of the film “Operation “happy new year”” (1996), “freaks and men” (1998), “the Russian rebellion” (2000), “Brother 2” (2000), “72 meters” (2004), “Zhmurki” (2005), “I’m not in pain” (2006), “12” (2007) and others.

Russian mathematician, proved the poincaré conjecture, was born in 1966. This is the only 2020 solved a Millennium problem. To prove the hypothesis, it took 99 years.