the Day of Russia, a patent for the first gas mask, the opening of the Panama canal and other events that occurred that day.

Exactly 30 years ago, June 12, 1990 first Congress of people’s deputies of the RSFSR adopted the Declaration on state sovereignty of Russia. The document proclaimed in the country the supremacy of the Russian Constitution. Status of the holiday date was a few years, and the name of the Day of Russia was formalized only in 2002.

June 12, 1991, for the first time in the modern history of Russia, presidential elections were held. Then the Central election Commission registered six candidates for the positions of President and Vice President of the RSFSR. The turnout on voting day amounted to 74,66% in the electoral lists was introduced more than 106 million people. President of the Russian Federation elected Boris Yeltsin, who received representing 57.30% of the vote. Second place went to Nikolay Ryzhkov, the third — Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Exactly 100 years ago, the official opening of the Panama canal which linked the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. The construction of an artificial waterway in Panama in Central America began in 1904 and lasted more than 10 years. The total length of the channel consists of 81.6 km, of which only 65.2 km are on land. In February this year the Minister of public works of Panama, Rafael Sabonge said that under the Panama canal will be a new branch of the Panama metro.

In 1849, on this day the U.S. patent office has issued to the inventor Lewis Haslett, a patent on a safety device. The invention consisted of a block with the valves on the breathing, which directly or via a tube was attached a felt filter. The device was called the “Lung protector”. The familiar name of “mask” got a rubber mask, developed in 1915 Zelinsky Russian scientist and engineer of the plant “Triangle” by Kummanam. Used gas masks for 80-90% based on this principle.

In 1908 on this day was born the legendary ballerina Marina Semenova. My first batch of the young artist sang in 13 years in the ballet “the Magic flute”. After graduating from ballet school Marina Semenova took the troupe of the Leningrad state academic theatre of Opera and ballet (Mariinsky theatre), and after five years she moved to the Bolshoi theater in Moscow. The actress played female roles in ballets “the Sleeping beauty”, “Swan lake”, “Cinderella”, “Nutcracker” and others. Since 1953 Marina Semyonova worked as a teacher of the Bolshoi theatre. Under her R��the Institute held involved leading ballerina of the theatre, including Maya Plisetskaya.

June 12, 1997 at the age of 73 years, passed away in Paris, Bulat Okudzhava. His first song, “We in the cold supply trucks could not sleep.” Soviet poet and novelist has penned on the front in 1943. Okudzhava went to war as a volunteer immediately after the end of the ninth grade. In 1945, the poet was discharged and began his literary and editorial career. Okudzhava’s poems were regularly published in the Newspapers, and after 10 years he published his first collection of “Lyrics”. Fame artist brought the film “Belorussian station”, where the song to the words of Okudzhava, “Here birds do not sing…”. All the poet’s works have been performed in more than 80 films.