this weekend the network appeared the post of the inhabitant of Blagoveshchensk: “my name is Lena. The epidemic has not spared our family. My dad, a doctor, is in intensive care. We really need a plasma recovered from kovida. Required the second group of blood, RH positive. I promise a good reward.”

how the regions are looking for donors of blood plasma with antibodies to Covid-19 we talked to the author of the post.

– My dad is already more than a week is in the Amur regional clinical hospital, the state he heavy. He is a respiratory therapist, worked in a clean area. They have in the office revealed a patient with “kovida”. Father contracted, beginning the conversation Elena. – Dad – a doctor with huge experience. Therefore no illusions about the panacea and the magic pill we have. But the chance to save a loved one I have left.

In the hospital, now where is your father, no plasma recover?

– In the Amur region did not introduce the practice of transfusion of blood plasma sick of “cowed”. So the donors in our region. From the Ministry of health has not received instructions to the city is organized. I don’t know why. Maybe there is no technological base or a lack of resources. Not know will be used method of transfusion of blood plasma we have in the future, could not figure out. The doctors are also not aware of. I understand that the plasma treatment is experimental, but if it produces positive results, why this method is not implemented in all regions.

– In the hospital you went to meet?

– As I understand it, the exception can do for my father. The hospital came toward us. Without their efforts the variant with the plasma treatment would not be even probable. Now, I am afraid that they are not punished for their initiative.

You had to look for donors?

– there was no Other way. I posted in social networks, gradually began to receive calls. There were many of them. Called those who believed that the long ill – in the far East is a popular version that everyone had been ill last autumn. Some just gave advice that I heard on television from the popular doctor. Also called covid dissidents.

have You found a donor?

Answered a few people. With them worked the doctor. Found suitable candidates.

the People agreed to help you for a fee?

– Those who agreed to help, flatly refused any money. I was thinking at least to compensate people for their inconvenience, but even that was refused.

As I understand it, hospitals have to obtain permission for the use of plasma?

There are concerns that there may be bureaucratic problems. It is hoped that we will begin to build barriers.