the Daughter of Michael Ephraim together with the lawyer is looking for a mother, ex-wife of the actor. Anna Maria Efremova plans to issue guardianship over the mother, but the whereabouts of Ksenia Kachalina to find out: Anna Maria appealed to law enforcement agencies.

Kseniya Kachalina and Michael Efremov have been divorced, but the couple have a daughter, Anna Maria. After the tragedy of the father, through the fault of Ephraim on the road killed the courier Sergey Zakharov, the actor himself was in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. Today, the daughter of Ephraim Anna Maria fears seriously and for their famous mother, because Kseniya Kachalina (mother of girls) is also addicted to alcohol as her ex-husband. Today on the whereabouts of Ksenia Kachalina little is known. The woman changed the locks on the door of his apartment, the relationship with her daughter Xenia does not come out.

the Lawyer Anna Maria Ephraim — Vladimir Komsolev shared with the “MK” shocking details on the life of the relatives of Michael Ephraim.

Plans to Anna Maria from us are obvious, – Vladimir . We aim to preserve the health of the mother (Ksenia Kachalina). She needs help in order to avoid the consequences that previously occurred with the father of Anna Maria.

As a condition of Anna Maria today?

of Course she’s worried about her mother. To this end, it appealed to me. Xenia needed care, medical attention, support and treatment — it is a fact. Anna Maria helped mother all these years: visited, bought food, but now she can’t do it.

What happened to the Xenia Kachalina?

– Some time ago, Anna Maria came with me to the apartment Catalinas. The door was closed, no one answered, the larvae on the locks changed. This alarmed us. Because the change of the larvae is involved third parties who were in the apartment Catalinas. Who changed, why? What is the purpose? All this we do not know. Behind the door, no sign of life was discovered, came the unpleasant smell, so we turned to law enforcement. Ksenia could happen anything, because she will abuse alcohol… this could happen terrible things. Anna Maria is also spelled out together with Ksenia in this apartment and has the right to be there.

After you will find Xenia, what are your plans?

– Statement on the account in narcology. I careful as long as the necessary expertise on health Catalinas. It is no secret that Xenia for a long time, consume alcohol in large quantities, we know that, but is it accounting? Podtverzhden this fact or not? Why do we need it to continue to carry out the examination, the results of which would have been established that really this person needs��is in treatment, medical opinion in this matter, we need. After the conclusion we will know in which treatment is needed by the Xenia. This is a fairly large job.

After that?

– an appeal to the court, the court guardianship is established. Anna Maria may fully follow the mother, to assist, to consult specialists about his mother. It is clear that with dad such a situation happened, but in the meantime, mom is not to lose. Mikhail Efremov has trouble, the family of the actor also needs help. We have clearly decided to go the hard way, through the court as she pleads not sick people. Until our actions the whole year Anna Maria Efremova tried to convince mom that she needs treatment, all ended in scandals.

– Anna Maria works?

– She had previously worked, now plans to find a job, she will have offers from employers. The source of the income of the Anna Maria is, in this case, she can become a guardian.