Olga Semenova lives in France. Fleeing from the pandemic, her family moved from Paris to a country house, located in the mountain village.

“MK” asked the youngest daughter of the writer about how the French cope with a new virus, why the country was not ready for the epidemic and as the province met Parisians.

Olga, you just was in Russia, when France raged coronavirus.

We prospered with her husband in the Crimea, where the macron on March 16 announced that France closes borders, we rushed to the airport. From Simferopol, quickly flew to Moscow, where had to return to Geneva is the closest airport to our village, just 50 kilometers. But the tickets were only on 31st March – so long we couldn’t wait. Besides, we had to hurry to the children to Paris because we had already blocked the motorway between the cities and everyone who was on urgent business, started fine. Many Parisians still hoped to be allowed to go on Easter holiday to the country, but the government has banned all travel until the end of quarantine. In the end, we bought the ticket for flight “Aeroflot” and on March 19, flew to Paris. Arrived in a completely empty airport Charles-de-Gaulle. Daughter booked us a car to the whole family to go to the village. But the Bureau car rental was already closed, only narrowly managed to persuade the employee to give us a car. So we escaped from Paris, where it was very scary.

In General, you have isolated themselves as a family?

– Yes, now four of us sitting in a village house: my husband Nadeem, daughter Alice and son Julian. We went there, because he knew that most of the infected will be in the region of Ile-de-France, which encompasses Paris and its nearest suburbs. Fears were confirmed: there is a horror going on. And here now very quiet, although in big cities, Haute Savoie a lot of cases, but in our village nobody has been infected. And next door, in the village of Saint-Paul, fell ill two.

– whether the mass Exodus of Parisians to the province?

– In a remote village before the quarantine came the Parisians, which caused a surge of hatred of the locals who feared Contracting the virus. Moreover, the Parisians came as if on vacation and not in quarantine. If the house is on the seafront, immediately went to the beach to sunbathe. Hugging and kissing, chatting in the streets. We have, in Bernex, a little out-of-towners.

– What was the prescribed security measures?

to Walk an hour. The main thing – to write the Declaration by hand or print. It is necessary to specify the name, surname, address and the time of leaving the house. You can walk around the house, walking in the mountains is strictly forbidden, because they are afraid that if an accident occurs, curing will have no place in hospiTala all the seats reserved for the coronavirus. Everything is closed. And cafes and shops and city hall and the Church. And a little ancient chapel in the mountains, too, at the castle. Only a tiny grotto in the mountains, where a statue of the virgin all covered with flowers. There are candles burning.

Who in your family is chosen for food?

– Friend from Italy joked: “shopping send someone you do not mind!” We I go to the supermarket, but not because of me no pity, just I can only buy what you need. My husband in his 70s, he is in serious risk, and people at that age dying here like flies… Wear a mask where I could order one for my son, there is instilled a few drops of propolis, in which we firmly believe, disposable gloves. Returning home, thoroughly wash my hands and take a shower. When the epidemic began, our supermarket was closed the cheese Department. Only sold pre-packaged. Of the 360 varieties was only 20. Only the French fell into depression. Were shortages of liquid soap, toilet paper. But now everyone is.

– What is the situation of your daughter? Works in remote access?

Alice worked in a Bank, she ended a one-year contract and a new job she has not yet found. She plans to return to Paris as soon as we removed the regime of self-isolation. In France a lot, as they say here, “partially unemployed”. Someone who works 1-2 times a week, This applies, for example, bus drivers, because it reduced the number of flights and passengers. But people do not lose large amounts of money, because the state compensates a lot.

– How’s Juliana? He’s a student of the Paris Conservatoire.

– he is fine. Enrolled on distance, and a few times a week accountable to their teachers – plays work for them. Teachers in touch with all the students. Julian, of course, suffered from the fact that macron has announced that the students of higher educational institutions will not learn to fall. The son will not be able to play the program, which was prepared. Have to play online. Nobody expected that cancel even the final exams for undergraduate – this is the first time in the history of France. The examination Board will assign grades on the basis of those which they received during the year.

Among the close friends of your family there are people who are sick?

– One of our good friend is sick. He is very sociable person, and every Friday going with friends to play poker. He got it from his friend. Both went to the hospital, began to choke, was on a ventilator. Our friend recently was discharged, but he had a shortness of breath with pulmonary fibrosis. There’s a cure, but the bottle of pills is worth 500 euros, and the medicine completely helps.

Read in the media about the miracle doctor from Marseilles, who achieved very high results p��and treatment COVID-19.

– This is a known infectious disease physician Professor Didier Raoult. He runs a hospital in Marseille. Back in March he said that there is good medicine that helps – hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil). The doctor has published a case study of their patients that after six days of treatment, only 25% of patients were still carriers of the virus. Immediately started hounding in the media. The loudest was the voice of Karin Lacombe of Paris, hospital Saint-Antoine, which considers that the use of this medicine without the permission means to subject patients to the threat of complications. Side effects, of course. But suddenly, meticulous journalists have found out that Dr. Lacombe received very large sums as a consultant and conference organizer of the largest pharmaceutical firms, which is now preparing a cure for coronavirus. Lacombe was accused of conflict of interest. The drug hydroxychloroquine banned after the scandal to sell in pharmacies. But doctors and ordinary citizens began to massively sign a petition, which called for treatment to allow death of a child, because it really saves lives. Then Makron went to Professor Raoul and supported him.

France was not ready for a pandemic?

– So say 73 percent of the French. This has resulted in the confidence of officials, who in early March said that the school will not be closed that there are huge drains of masks – the result was nothing even gel sanitizers. In Paris there were not enough places in hospitals, and Railways have provided two trains to transport patients to hospitals in other cities. Evacuation of patients looks scary: people on gurneys, nurses in special protective suits. The catastrophic situation in nursing homes. Old people die like flies. Enough to sick one to start a major infestation.

But the hospital is well equipped?

– Leave much to be desired. I was recently at the dentist in the famous Paris hospital Drink-Salpetriere, where they work great doctors. Imagine a huge long corridor with wide open rooms. Everywhere a dirt, insanitary conditions, building needs renovation for 20 years. The Windows are dirty, old linoleum, the walls were not painted. Struck, as was brought to the office enormous black criminal in chains, surrounded by four such powerful black guards. He treated the teeth of two and a half hours.

– the State supports doctors who are fighting the infection?

In may, the nurses will receive in the 30 most affected by the virus departments the prize of 1500 Euro at least some compensation. In other more peaceful areas of 500 euros. And another 400 thousand civil servants and police, about one in five, will receive a prize of 1,000 euros.

France has already reached a peak?

– have already Reached a plateau, but this does not mean that patients have fewer. However, in Marseille with Professor Raul the number of patients began to decline dramatically. He had a month ago was attended by over 350 people a day, but now 60-80 max. The doctor believes that in countries with a temperate climate with the arrival of warm spring days the coronavirus can leave. Already the 11th of may it is planned to open schools, so that parents could go to work. But people are insanely afraid for the lives of children and sign the petition with the requirement to extend the regime of self-isolation. They are ready to stay home.