Early detection of cancer, today the main problem of the medicine. Science has known for more than 200 so-called tumor markers, which should signal early signs of disease long before it will appear obvious symptoms. Substances that are found in the blood in amounts exceeding the normal level. Many markers have been studied and applied in medicine. Some are associated with only one tumor type, while others may be characteristic for several.

So on the one hand a tool for early diagnosis seems to be there, but doctors believe that the use of tumor markers for primary diagnostics unprofessional, and sometimes even dangerous. Why? The fact that, with the exception of the marker for the DOG, showing the presence of prostate cancer, and the rest, even the most accurate, have a sensitivity of not more than 70 percent. Hence the high probability of error. Marker can signal “Oncology” even in a simple inflammation of some organs or the formation of benign tumors. This is because healthy people do not happen. Someone suffering chronic diseases or does not notice the lingering inflammation and quiet lives with him. Someone often form benign tumors. All of this can lubricate the picture and cause false positive result.

Created by SKOLKOVO residents, the tumor marker can dramatically change the picture. He recognizes with probability 85% epithelial carcioma. They account for about 90 percent of all cases of cancers. According to the authors, such a high sensitivity of the marker will allow its use for the screening of the population. Of course, it does not indicate the exact address of the tumors in a particular organ it is necessary to look, but gives the SOS signal. The reason for the doctor to begin the search.

Another obvious application – work with patients who have cancer have been successfully treated. Behind them lined with permanent control, as the tumor can appear at any point of the body. Not necessarily exactly in the organ where it previously was. Established in SKOLKOVO, the tumor marker will allow you to successfully conduct such a continuous control.