before the appearance of the coronavirus have become obvious tectonic changes in the climate on planet Earth. Well, then, what was the winter of 2019-2020 (which in winter is difficult to call!), — is generally a separate conversation. And scientists have already given a lot of evidence that anthropogenic factors play a very large role in global warming.

But on this evidence there were others, the opposite. Still hear arguments that periods of warming are replaced on the Ground of periods of intense cold, and there is nothing extraordinary in what is happening in the present.

But the question is not that scientists can’t agree on the causes of the current global warming. The problem is that politicians have different opinions on this issue. There’s the President of the United States Donald trump came out of the Paris climate agreement because it allegedly contradicts the economic interests of his country. And what is the value of this agreement, if one of the two largest economies in the world not participate in it? Here it is: everything is measured in terms of “profitable — unprofitable” for the economy, and the rest — “burn it blue flame.”

She, the Earth, and burned in the truest sense of the word. In Russia — Siberia, in Brazil, the Amazon, Australia, California and then everywhere. Earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes — the tornado… Stats clearly indicates that natural disasters have become in recent years more and more.

the Land for us, as if to say: people, stop, don’t destroy your planet! But people did not stop.

Since 1970, the number of natural disasters worldwide has increased from 90 to 400 per year, i.e. four times. Many of them have led to numerous victims. Thus, according to the report by the UN Office for disaster risk reduction (UNISDR) and the Belgian Centre for research and epidemiology of disasters (CRED), over the last 20 years on Earth just happened 7056 natural disasters caused the death of 1.35 million people. Among the most deadly disasters: earthquake in Haiti (January 2010) — 222 570 victims; tsunami in Indonesia (December 2004) — 165 708 victims; tropical cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (may 2008) — 138 366 victims.

the report of the world meteorological organization (2019) noted that to record levels, increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and this reinforces the trend of global warming. The last five-year period (2015-2019) was the warmest in history of meteorological observations.

the increase in the average global sea level in 2014-2019 years was a record of 5 mm. Again, a record pace of melting ice in Greenland, the Arctic and the Antarctic. Examination of almost all natural disasters in recent years have shown that their cause is global warming.

Publica movement for saving the Earth against global warming began to gain strength. Has already become a legend despite his young age, Greta Thunberg, ignoring the sneers from many adults uncles and aunts, managed to attract world attention to the problem. But one gets the impression that mankind is still willing to pass the point of no return, after which the process of self-destruction of the Earth would be already out of control. State stubbornly refused to reduce the consumption of hydrocarbons. Why, it would hurt the economy!

by the Way, Russia’s position, although we did not come out of the Paris climate agreement, not very different in fact from the American position on this issue. Well, what else could be expected from the position of the country which, despite decades of spells about the need to dismount the “oil needle”, and left raw. It is clear that Russia is reducing consumption of hydrocarbon raw material is lost many billions of dollars.

then there was a coronavirus and a sharp drop in demand for oil and oil products, and the size of this fall, according to various estimates, are in the range of from 20 to 60%. In any case, such a drop can be described as a landslide. It is understandable why this happens: the planes do not fly, ground transportation rises, the entire economy stops.

What would it be? What many countries could not achieve voluntarily, trying to work out some agreement today takes place internally — and very quickly.

Yes, when will the pandemic, the recovery of consumption of hydrocarbons will occur. But, first, it is unknown when it will be completed. Secondly, there is every chance that before it is restored.

it turns Out that the work on udalenke, which became for many forced, it is also possible in a quiet time, when there will be no coronavirus. Only one extension of the work in this format will significantly reduce the demand for the same gasoline, because millions of people will not have to drive every day to work and back. Many business events, it will be possible to conduct both during the quarantine, online. Will get a powerful impetus for its development, the delivery of goods at home (why go for the same products in the store?).

Business correspondence, preparing different kinds of reports — it turned out that all this can be done only in electronic form and e-mail. But how much you can save some paper by it. Paper, as you know, the trees that are absorbing carbon dioxide.

Mankind, it seems, all may begin to move away from the model of “consumer society”. This is a huge step, meaning reduced consumption of hydrocarbons and other��x minerals. It will also lead to significant structural shifts in the economy.

Evidence that the coronavirus has helped to improve the ecological environment, already evident. It is known that the level of air pollution in China has fallen sharply. Pictures from space that prove the “cleansing” role of coronavirus, has repeatedly shown on TV.

so that there is clean air! Animals began to return to where they long ago already nobody saw. Moreover, it is observed in various parts of the world.

so think about it: maybe the coronavirus, would be as cruel and crazy as it sounds, saves the Earth? It is a pity that we, the inhabitants of this planet, brought the matter to the point that it became necessary to save.

still unbearable pity that such a high price to pay for these changes.

In 2009, the UN General Assembly decided to celebrate the international day of Mother Earth on 22 April. So this year was a little him about this date. Meanwhile in 2020 for Earth Day would have to be treated differently, because the pandemic coronavirus has demonstrated that it is omnipotent, it would seem that the mankind appeared powerless in the face of the current threat.

this brings to mind the words of former UN Secretary General U. Thant, he said in 1971: “Let there be only peace and joy of the Earth for our beautiful spaceship Earth, flying and rotating in the middle of cold space with its vulnerable cargo of life…”

Humanity must learn from what happened and is still happening around us. Coronaviruses do not have to save the Earth, people should not go to ensure that needed saving. All these interests are economic development, on the basis of which that people are, in fact, destructive activities on Earth, are worth little, as shown by the current pandemic.

After a coronavirus Earth will be different, we are different. What else? What others? We fully understand yet. But I hope that it is better than it was.