Coronavirus crippled the lives of many families, deprived of a job, favorite pastimes of the case, the usual benefits. But mother, 48-year-old Muscovite Alla Bychkova he took the husband, now unable to return to their six children from their homeland: fell into the trap of closed borders. Mother and children this was not only alone, but also on the brink of survival. Alla Bychkova shared your sad story.

Alla – the Muscovite, Rahmatjon (our Roma) – from Tajikistan, and together they have 15 years. Alla was already 7-year-old son (he second group of disability in cerebral palsy) by his first marriage, when she met her future husband. The woman worked in a small firm with two bakeries and four shops, Rahmatjon worked there in the grocery. He later went to work as a taxi driver, where working until now. Or rather, worked in “dophamine” times.

Three children were born to Alla and Rahmatjon, and three of his children from his first marriage, Alla took them from Tajikistan to his family. This happened after the ex-wife of Roma-Rahmatjon abandoned his kids with the words “You are my life organized, and I want to.” The first time the children lived with his brother, but then Alla said, “they have Nothing to wander the relatives, take them to yourself.”

Now eldest son of Alla he is living separately with his girlfriend, also disabled by cerebral palsy. The rest of six children from 9 to 18 years.

the couple has a serious problem, seven years married, and still can not manage to make the husband’s Russian citizenship. It does not matter that he is the lawful husband of the Russians and raising seven children, and three of their children – the Russians.

According to the law two months ago he had 90 days to leave Russia. “Went to his head,” sadly sighs Alla. He was supposed to return in early June, but now I’m afraid we won’t see. Because in Tajikistan it’s only just begun, unlike Russia.

the Border they closed on 16 March, but only now, since April 27, has imposed a quarantine, because until that time, Tajikistan was the only state where there was no identified cases of infection. Now he returns only when open borders. And not the fact that they will open after you remove the insulation. The Russians also warned that “this year you’re on holiday can’t go”.

And if we fall, as predicted, will be a second wave… We really miss him, and besides now I have nothing to feed the children.

He can while there to get a job and send you money?

– There is now returned a huge number of people, citizens of Tajikistan, who worked before the pandemic in Russia. Work before there was little, but now is has become impossible to get. He sends photos of the market it’s empty, only one or two buyers in masks. He, too, therefore can not find work, no porter, no. He’ll even sometimes asking me for money – “came out a couple of thousand of bread”. And we are now without him, without our breadwinner, goes somewhere 25 thousand in all. This together with all the children’s allowance.

– You are now somehow trying to make yourself?

– Before the pandemic, I worked part time as he could – washing Windows, cleaning apartments, walking dogs, and now I can’t do because of the isolation of the people. The only thing I managed is to get now a job in social protection, I have my floors for 6 thousand rubles. per month.

– How are you and the children manage to survive for 25 thousand?

– We now live only with the help of volunteers. We have repeatedly brought grocery orders. Once volunteer Faith who found out about us in the social center of St. Tikhon, bought us and brought lovely food set, fruit basket, sweets and so much more, my happiness knew no bounds! A huge thank you to her for that!

every two weeks we had help from the Diaspora of Tajikistan in Russia, friends of my husband here, brought us the other day Lyonnaise potatoes. And one time I asked for help on the website of large families, wrote a request there. And products we buy. We have credit, we took it to a new window, not all debts paid.

alle adds Difficulty and distance learning, because the family has five students.

– we only Have one computer for all children! And it is not our, one person gave it to us for safekeeping. Not all children have smartphones. Ask a lot of crazy! We have homework to do from morning till night. I get up at seven in the morning and two at night fall…

But this is not enough. Suffered from a coronavirus, and the eldest son Sergey. He and his bride spent a year looking for work, but because of a disability they never took. And that’s when they finally were lucky, they graduated from special courses in records management and they had to take on an Intern in the archives, so training for coronavirus covered. So while the Ala and helping the eldest son with his girlfriend.