The Corona-Ghost with a now almost 650 ‘000 and 30’000 dead in 199 countries is shutting down the the global sports. The Cancel of the Tour de France and Wimbledon will follow. You need to be a Prophet. Among the many dreamers in the formula 1, the out of 15 to 18 races this year, unfortunately, also of Montreal. The very conservative Canadians, who were incidentally the first country to an Olympic Boycott for 2020, want to the world Cup starting on February 14. June (after eight Rejections) by boxes. But Hey, more than half of the GP-people from Italy, France, the USA and England.

Ferrari wants to be again

working with The amazing news of the day comes from Italy: Ferrari want to open in the next two weeks, the factory gates in Maranello and Modena again. Alfa-Clean you wait. Team Manager Beat Zehnder: “Depending on how the Situation in England, Italy and we have developed could be extended the ongoing Shutdown period.” So rational statements of tones.

Budget-limit leads to redundancies

the time after The Corona is of the brakes on the formula 1, the gigantism is on its way out. And with the first stage of the Budget ceiling of $ 175 million, the top teams have to lay off employees in all areas. Even if the driver salaries, the salary of the three highest-paid employees, the Marketing doesn’t belong, etc.

Vasseur feared financial problems

As for Alfa-Clean-boss frédéric Vasseur (51) told the Sunday view on the day of the Australia-cancelled in Melbourne: “The formula 1 do not need to finally realize that our Sport is at the center of the earth.” Now the Frenchman in the private television was even more explicit: “Because many of the races be, and the revenue from TV, lack of, could lead to some Teams in financial distress.” During the last crisis in 2007 to the financial markets, the formula lost 1. Toyota, Honda, and BMW. Vasseur: “something Similar could now happen again. And if we want to suddenly end with three races at three week of the season but still somehow squeeze through, pushes this to all of our employees to the limits.”

“Not the right Time”

The last word also belongs Vasseur: “The world does not revolve around us. Brutal said: For a society we are not especially useful. The formula 1 must remain humble and quiet. As long as people fall ill, it’s not the right time to leave our cars in the circle drive around!”