MOSCOW, may 10. /TASS/. After a long break, a new case of infection with coronavirus identified in Wuhan city, where at the end of last year identified the outbreak of diseases caused by it, after which the infection is believed to have been spread around the world.

In the United States coronavirus contracted employee of the White house, due on a two-week quarantine I had to leave the main American infectious diseases Anthony Fauci and two other employees of the Interdepartmental working group on combating the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus caused by the disease).

In General, America, like all last days, according to the world health organization (who), Europe is ahead of the pace of daily increase in the number of infected and number of deaths. In Asia, continued growth in the number of infected people in India, Iran and Singapore.

Director of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases of the United States Anthony Fauci will have two weeks to work in the mode of self-isolation after the novel coronavirus contracted employee press service Vice President US Michael Pence, who heads an Interagency working group COVID-19. As reported by CNN, Fauci daily will be tested for the coronavirus.

Together with him on 14-day quarantine took another two high ranking officers of the group — the head of the Federal Centers for control and prevention (CDC) of the USA Robert Redfield and the chief of the Department on the quality of the food and drug administration (Department of health and human services USA) Steven Khan.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, which conducts calculations based on data from Federal and local authorities in the US were more than 1.3 million cases of infection with coronavirus, had died almost 78 thousand people.

High rates of infection persist in Brazil, according to Ministry of health of the Republic, in recent days there have been over 10.6 thousand cases of infection, their total number reached nearly 156 thousand the Number of victims caused by coronavirus diseases increased during the day to 730 people and has exceeded 10 thousand, According to statistics of the Ministry of health, over one third of deaths — 4 298 — registered in Brazil since early may.

In Chile, the total number of infected exceeded 27 thousand people, 304 patients have died.

About 2 thousand cases of infection identified in recent days in Mexico, the total number of infected exceeded 33 thousand. The country registered 3 353 death.

In Canada recorded 4 693 death due caused by coronavirus disease, and the total number reached almost 68 thousand people, while the daily rate of infection has slightly decreased.

In General, Andmerica, according to the who on may 9, according to the number of infected (50 of 712) and the dead (3 963) a day ahead of Europe.

About the minimum since March 18 the number of deaths per day — 143 — said on Sunday the Ministry of health of Spain. The total number of deaths since the beginning of the spread of infection in the country has reached 26 621. The number of infected people has increased in the last 24 hours on 621 and exceed 224 thousand.

Spain (second in the world in total number of infected and the fourth largest number of deaths), like many other European countries, in early may began a gradual easing of the quarantine restrictions imposed due pandemic coronavirus.

some easing of sanitary restrictions, according to the newspaper The Sunday Times, may be declared on Sunday in the UK (second largest in the world in the number of deaths, the fourth largest number of people infected). As writes the edition, Prime Minister country Boris Johnson is preparing to allow subjects of the British crown to exercise outdoors twice a day instead of one, and to resume the work of the horticultural markets. At the same time the authorities may require from the beginning of June all travellers coming to the country people — and Britons, and citizens of other countries to isolate themselves for two weeks.

to protest against the “dictatorship of quarantine” was made by the participants in an unsanctioned rally, which took place in Antwerp. The action was dispersed by the police, 13 people were arrested, 20 given administrative warning.

On 4 may, the Belgian authorities proceeded with the phasing-out of quarantine, obliging people to wear in public places a protective mask covering mouth and nose. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Belgium from the effects of infection with the novel coronavirus died 8 656 people identified more than 53 thousand cases of infection by 11.5 million population of the country.

after a long hiatus a case of infection with coronavirus detected in Wuhan. According to the local Committee for health, cases hospitalized in serious condition.

In General in China, which is the first in the world faced the outbreak of a new coronavirus that has long remained quiet epidemic situation. As reported Sunday, the state Committee on questions of hygiene and of health of China, for the last day in the country recorded 14 cases of infection with coronavirus, not a single person died.

In India, the number of cases of infection with coronavirus during the day, rose 3 277 and close to 63 thousand As reported in the Sunday Indian Ministry of health and family welfare, the number of deaths increased over 24 hours on 128 and 2 has reached 109 people.

For 23 thousand exceeded the total number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Singapore.

Blignum and middle East leadership by the number of infected and number of deaths continue keeps Iran. As reported on Sunday the Ministry of health of the Republic, for the last day in the country identified 1 383 new cases of infection with coronavirus, and their total number exceeded 107,5 thousand the Number of deaths increased by 51 and reached 6 640 people.