In the regions of Russia began to work in beauty salons, cinemas promised new strict rules, doctors tell how they manage to combine the fight against coronavirus and motherhood, while a quarter of Russians still believe the epidemic COVID-19 fiction.

In Russia, for the day was revealed 8371 new case COVID-19. The total number of patients reached 379 051 human treatment COVID-19 continues 223 916 of them.

Over the past day in Russia killed 174 people with the coronavirus. Daily gains of fatalities has reached a record level of 26 may Oberstar also reported 174 deaths per day. Just from COVID-19 in the country died 4142 patients.

Shortly in Russia there will be a drug for preventing serious complications COVID-19 — the cytokine storm. It is the most dangerous immune system reaction to a new type of coronavirus, which leads to damage of many organs — including the lungs, liver and kidneys.

the Doctors assure that the cytokine storm can develop in a healthy person is suffering from COVID-19.

Also, the mayor announced that testing for the presence of antibodies to COVID-19 method IFA-diagnosis showed that 14% of Muscovites are immune to infection.

Moscow Authorities have published an interactive map with a schedule of walks. “A pleasure mode” in the test format will start to operate in the capital from 1 June.

Russia has progressively removed the restrictive measures in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. While Muscovites are looking forward to what they are allowed to walk in the parks, the inhabitants of many regions of Russia already trimmed, painted and with a fresh manicure. Here know what it’s like to go to the hairdresser after a pandemic COVID-19. And it’s not quite what it used to be. Cleaning and disinfection every two hours, disposable masks and gowns, temperature measurement and other measures have already become reality.

a Third of respondents (32.8 per cent) believes that the danger of an epidemic of coronavirus exaggerated, or consider it a fiction of stakeholders. This follows from research conducted by the Directorate for expert-analytical the work of the Higher school of Economics (HSE).

Of those who do not believe in the epidemic, 43% come to visit relatives and more than half (54%) goes out for a walk.

Press-Secretary President Dmitry Peskov doubt that the mortality rate from coronavirus among physicians is higher than in other countries. The Kremlin asked the Ministry to explain the mortality data among physicians.

Lists of deaths from the coronavirus physicians are engaged in the Ministry of health and Russian doctors.

Rospotrebnadzor in cooperation with the Ministry of culture has prepared recommendations for cinemas at work in the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. Between spectators must remain a minimum distance of meters, and popcorn and drinks will sell machines. All contact surfaces every two hours should desinfizierts.

Previously, the CPS adopted the sanitary-epidemiological rules of prevention COVID-19.

the Russians are beginning again to be interested in the tickets and is planning to spend this summer at the domestic resorts. This month has sold more than 40% more tickets than in the previous year. Thus towards the end of the season the price of tickets steadily approaching the pre-crisis and to count on foreign travel, according to experts, this summer is not necessary.

Russian Railways may 29-back to normal Seating of passengers in trains of distant following, reported in press service company. April RZD due the situation with coronavirus COVID-19 sold tickets based on social distance.

the Economic crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, affected those sectors that are usually in a crisis you feel more or less stable. Problems complain pawnshops and microfinance institutions (MFIs).

However, experts predict that in 2020 the demand for microloans still grow. Analysts attributed this to the fact that people who have lost their jobs, urgently need money for current expenses.

Brian and Karin Troutman isolated from the virus on a desert island. Together with his nine-month-old daughter, they spent more than a hundred days, because I’m used to life on the boat.

They catch the food, produce our own electricity using the sun and wind, and for the production of clean water they have a desalination plant. But now the pair is forced to flee from the impending hurricane season.

With the beginning of the pandemic, there have been reports about how the super-rich people looking for a safe haven in case of economic disaster and social unrest. Underground bunkers with life support systems, impregnable castles and Islands is the only part of deals available in this market.

news the project to publish stories of celebrities about their plans for life after it all finally, end.

the Journalist, the General producer of “Match TV” and the founder Ansaligy Tina Kandelaki in the videos admitted that more than anything in isolation miss living fellowship: “All five things are bound to fall greedily to the living people.”

During a pandemic, doctors are the main characters. Among them are many moms who have to put loved ones at risk of Contracting or being separated from it for the sake of other people’s lives.

the Project Kids gathered the stories of four women who need not only to cope with the medical work, but also to be mothers.

CPS has agreed to the RFU and developed by the RPL regulations for the resumption of training and the matches in the championship. Important change: the stadiums are allowed to put viewers, their number should not exceed 10 percent of the��away from the stadium capacity. The decision to thegrove 8 rounds of the championship and the decisive matches of the Cup of Russia was adopted by the Executive Committee of the RFU on may 15.