Regions weaken the regime of self-isolation, the exam has been postponed again, the world economy faces the crisis of the century.

Moscow was 4703 new cases in the suburbs — 962, in St. Petersburg — 435. At the same time of 44.5% of patients did not have symptoms of the disease. Died 96 patients.

Authorities are reminded of the importance of social distancing and urged not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary to avoid a new wave of illness and reduce the burden on the health care system.

Ministry of education of the Russian Federation adopted the decision on the re-transfer of unified state examination. The exact date the Agency has not yet reported.

For ninth graders will be canceled this year, the DGE of the Russian language and mathematics. The final assessment will be exhibited at the current performance in 2020.

In the Chuvash Republic it is now possible to play sports on the street, in Leningrad region — going to the cinema and the Museum in Petrozavodsk allowed to walk and do sports in parks, squares, green areas and forests.

Allowed to walk or jog the inhabitants of Orel, Samara, Belgorod, Novosibirsk regions, in the Perm region. Together you can walk in the Tyumen region and subject distance of 1.5 m from the rest of the townspeople.

Other regions have also introduced new rules.

Until recently, ramdevpir was considered the most promising potential cure for coronavirus.

Interestingly, tests have ceased, not because of their failure, and perhaps just the opposite. The experiment turned, not waiting for the final results to avoid unnecessary casualties among the patients in the control placebo group.

against the background of a global pandemic coronavirus and the inability of European countries to unite in the face of a common threat, the most vulnerable currencies in the countries with developed economy is the Euro, analysts said Bloomberg.

With the beginning of the year the Euro fell by 3.5 percent against the dollar. Market participants believe that over time the currency will continue to weaken.

the European Commission has published recommendations on how the EU countries carefully and consistently open the borders and save at least part of the nearly 200 billion euros that Europe had earned in the year on tourism. The Europeans — and those who want to come to Europe, there is still hope in this summer to return to the beaches and hotels.

Return to the previous rate of increase wealth and reduce inequality on the planet at risk longer. Last time it took a whole decade.

In the list added trade through vending machines and of products of national art crafts.

Earlier in the list were already in the highway and air transportation, culture, leisure and entertainment, on��the organization of conferences and exhibitions, fitness and sports, the tourist industry and the hotels, catering, further education, beauty salons, repair and other consumer services.

This is the first patient of this age, who was cured of COVID-19. The thirteenth of may, the day of his 100th birthday, Pelagia Mikhailovna Poyarkova were discharged from the Center of the brain and Neurotechnology FMBA of Russia, converted at admission patients with novel coronavirus infection.

Beach season on the Black sea can take place in Sochi from June 1 to cancel permits and will begin work sanatoriums, having a medical license. Then, if the situation with coronavirus stabiliziruemost and earn hotels. The Crimea is not yet decided, but the economy of the Peninsula without the money of tourists is in danger of collapse.

a Deadly epidemic sweeping the world for the first time. History has preserved the names of several “zero patients” — the first carriers of the disease who become distributors themselves about not knowing. Among them — victims of the Spanish flu, typhoid fever and Ebola virus.

the calgary Zoo in Canada said that he can not feed two pandas, he simply nowhere to take the bamboo. Earlier it was imported from China, but the pandemic COVID-19 broke the regularity of supply. At the zoo fear that the situation will deteriorate even more in the case of the second wave of coronavirus.