richest country in the world wings clipped, migrants are left without money, rich without the workers, and the Spaniards taught the songs of Viktor Tsoi.

In recent days in Russia have revealed 5841 new cases of infection with coronavirus. The total number of cases has increased to 99 399 people. Since the beginning of the epidemic in Russia died 972 person with COVID-19. The total number of survivors exceeded 10 thousand people.

At the moment, it is unknown whether those who suffered the disease have mild or without symptoms, to develop a sustainable mechanism to counter the infection of the same type in the future. The more severe is the disease, the higher the chances of formation of immunity against it in the future, scientists believe.

Doctors from Beijing found that men and women are equally likely to become infected with a new type of coronavirus, but men are much more likely to get into intensive care and twice as likely to die from COVID-19.

the richest country in the world has ceased to prosper. It is caused by the coronavirus. In the first quarter U.S. GDP declined by 4.8% in annual terms. Economists have no doubt that it is not a one-time failure, and six months of recession, the American economy is assured.

most of the damage from the quarantine will be in the second quarter — April, may and June. Its results will be announced in the midst of the election campaign for the November presidential election, in which Donald trump expects to be re-elected for a second term. So far, its major asset was a strong economy. Coronavirus has confused all the cards.

Coronavirus spreads even when breathing and talking, found Chinese scientists. It is unknown how viable viral particles remaining in microcaps in the air, but researchers recommend to avoid crowded places and poorly ventilated spaces.

Scientists have found the common features of lethal coronaviruses that distinguish them from those that cause regular seasonal flu. Experts have identified from SARS, MERS and SARS-CoV-2 eleven total genomic sequences responsible for high pathogenicity. Thanks to them, the threat is more effective than other strains can penetrate into the nucleus of infected cells.

Some influential members of Italian mafia clans recently released from prison due to pandemic coronavirus. Like hundreds of thousands of other prisoners in different countries of the world, it simplified the order of serving the sentence, fearing for their health and the health of the jailers that can infect each other COVID-19.

migrant workers, as thousands of Russians, due quarantine were left without work, money and food. According to the visitors the quarantine has hit particularly hard — many of them worked by the piece. In a pandemic they have lost their sources of income and even medical assistance.

In terms of lockdown in the UK in non��the situation was not only ordinary citizens, but also, oddly enough, the super-rich people. Forced to send home their cooks, housekeepers, nannies, cleaners and other service personnel, they are faced with the need to independently do all of the work that is before them did somebody another, and, as it turned out, to make the bed can be so hard as to turn on the washing machine or replace toilet paper dispenser.

the Cheerful company of Spaniards have learned to quarantine the song of Viktor Tsoi “When your girlfriend is sick.” Friends and relatives have recorded their performances on video, and then installed it in a cheerful and inspiring video. The idea of the flash mob belongs to the inhabitant of Barcelona named Nuria, who is studying Russian language.