the Second wave COVID-19 may overlap the seasonal flu, Chinese scientists have uncovered the truth about the origin of the coronavirus, and in Russia, have developed a vaccine which can be drip in a nose.

In recent days in Russia was 8952 new cases COVID-19. The growth rate of the past seven days decreased from 2.5% to the current 2.3 percent.

the Total number of cases of coronavirus across the country has reached 396 575. Russia is in third place in the world in the number of cases after the US and Brazil.

that second wave of coronavirus possible in the fall, said President Vladimir Putin. As possible period it called the end of October — beginning of November.

the Researchers tested samples from the seafood market in Wuhan, which was considered to be the initial source of infection, and found no trace of the disease. Thus, the first case of human infection with a coronavirus occurred most likely not on the market, and more.

Experts have also proved that 13 of the initial cases of infection in China are not connected with the market.

a New vaccine — development State research center of Virology and biotechnology “Vector”. Currently running a full-scale preclinical trial data of the drug in terms of effectiveness and safety.

half discharged the most difficult patients with the coronavirus changes in the lungs pass through three weeks. The likelihood of severe consequences of infection revealed the chief pulmonologist of Ministry of health of Russia Sergey Avdeev.

At the end of the year the world economy will fall by 3 percent, economists say the International monetary Fund (IMF), and the outbreak of the world crisis will be the deepest since the great depression of the 1930s years.

Previously, the idea of free distribution of money seemed real only in the “fat times” and only in rich countries. But now governments around the world prove that this solution can be a lifeline that will help the world to swim out of the most severe crisis in decades.

In the country to combat swine flu and an atypical pneumonia (SARS) was formed out of a billion stocks of medical masks and more than 700 million masks of type FFP2. However, after the publication of research that these diseases are not as dangerous as previously thought, the government decided on the destruction of stockpiles.

In April, the number of unemployed in Russia increased by 800 thousand people, to 4.8 million, Rosstat reported. The unemployment rate rose to its highest level in four years — to 5.8%. The rising unemployment is one of the most dangerous States of the economy, which is not beneficial to anyone.

From 1 June in Moscow will earn non-food stores. Only about 50 thousand enterprises. Many of them are located in shopping centers. For safety of visitors and store owners must provide a social distance and to perform a permanent disinfection. Customers and staff should also wear masks and gloves. Cinemas, beauty salons and children’s playrooms in shopping centers will remain closed.

Pandemic coronavirus have significantly complicated the delivery of the exam in 2020: exam date was postponed several times, and the format of the meeting are not clear yet. Against this background, students are in constant nervous stress that, say psychologists, can lead to serious consequences.

the Epidemic of Spanish flu that raged in the world in the early twentieth century, is one of the most ambitious in the history of mankind. The Spanish flu infected 30% of the entire population of the Earth at that time. Died — according to various estimates, from 50 to 100 million people. Where did the deadly virus? And whether the origin of such a pandemic today?

news in the framework of the project “5 things I’ll do after the end of isolation” publishes stories stars about their plans for life after it all finally, end.

the TV Presenter, designer and founder of the “School of Beauty and Style,” Tasha conducts Strict self-imposed isolation with her husband and children. Without the usual pleasures and activities presenter suffers, but tries not to faint.