In may, a year ago, assistant coach René Van Eck (54) has dissolved in the FCZ his contract. “For family reasons”, it was said in the media release of the FCZ.

Since then, he is back in his native Holland. He takes care of in Rotterdam to his mother Antonia, and works as a Junior, and defender trainer at Feyenoord. His coaching job he can’t exercise at the Moment. Holland’s football was at least up to 1. June stopped.

Van Eck showed his mother how Serious the situation

After the Netherlands has followed a different approach to combat the Corona-crisis and less stringent measures had, the government has long since changed course. Van Eck to LOOK: “since days is also closed in the Netherlands up to the grocery stores, everything. And it is hard used by: anyone Who doesn’t comply on the road to the commanded distance of 1.5 meters, has to pay 400 francs for buses.”

The former hard-hitting defensive leader FC Luzern, the more stringent the rules well. “Otherwise people don’t understand what’s going on here.”

Van Eck remains at home. The exceptions he makes, if he goes early in the Morning with his seven-month-old dog, Jogging, and shopping for himself and his mother Antonia, who also lives with 94 alone. Van Eck: “In the head my mother is still fit. The body is that of a 90-Year-old, she goes with the aid of a Walker. For safety, she wears a necklace with an emergency button around the neck.”

It had needed a lot of Persuasion, until his mom understood that she could not go to Walk out of the house, says Van Eck, “try a woman to make 90 clear that your life is on the line. You just said: after all, she had been there, had witnessed the second world war.”

The two have found a little compromise. “The newspaper, which is the bottom box in front of the door, in the letter, want them myself. You asked me if you had to send people out of the Lift, if you want to Lift,” says Van Eck and smiles.

94. Birthday in insulation

last Monday, the Isolation was particularly hard. Antonia Van Eck was 94 years old. A Party it was.

“I put your tulips and the shopping bag in the kitchen and with the necessary distance congratulates. It has done me already hurt,” says the former FCL-Star. So his mother also looks from the rest of the family members which is something that Van Eck organized in the run-up greeting messages that he has played her yet. “She was very happy about it.”

The tulips you planted on the balcony, and a daily watering so they grow nice, says Van Eck. “So you don’t keep moving, even if you must get out.” And: “Hopefully, the Corona pandemic is over soon, then we can make up for the small birthday party.”