according to the Deputy ZS Andrey Gurinov, several veterans have asked for help from deputies and public men, because they have not received the required payments.

the Director of the Department of social protection Stanislav Borisenko explained: the people do not bother time to establish veteran status in accordance with Russian law.

– Thanks to the law # 6-FCL (Federal constitutional law dated 21.03.2014 on the adoption of the Crimea to Russia) social-support measures, which had previously been used by the citizens of the city of Sevastopol, and continued to operate, – said Borisenko. And many have given up on establishing the status of Russian. Because there was no “tzimes”. And when informed of the payouts in the 75 and 50 thousand from the President, which are the only Federal beneficiaries, people began to turn, the flow was great. We didn’t chase him out, but on the contrary, had helped to draw up the documents for those who have grounds to obtain a Federal status.

According to Borisenko, just this year payments to a Victory Day the Pension Fund was transferred to the Sevastopol veterans of 1963. Over the past few months 69 residents of Sevastopol has the status of veterans of the great Patriotic war in accordance with the N5 Federal law “About veterans”. Two of them went through the war with weapons in hand. New information has been transmitted to the FIU for the calculation of payments.

But some were refused because their documents were insufficient to confirm the status.

Borisenko said that none of the veterans are not escorted, but it is not. The heroine of the publication “WP” Tarasova Galina 2017 trying to regain veteran status, established in the Ukraine (the article “not listed” published in the issue dated 12.02.2020). Living in an orphanage during the war years, she worked on the farm, in the sewing workshop, helped the wounded at the hospital. On the basis of same, like Tarasova, archival information, social safety authorities in other regions of Russia were awarded veteran status to her friends at the orphanage. But in Sevastopol, the documents are not recognized. But otherwise confirm that she was raised in an orphanage and worked together with other children, is impossible.

a Few dozen veterans, deprived of their officials status, is the Prosecutor’s office of Sevastopol. As reported in the response to the inquiry “RG” the head of Department on supervision of observance of the Federal legislation the city Prosecutor’s office Anna Ivanchenko, in the year of 2020 identified 27 violations of the rights of veterans and persons with disabilities. The courts filed 13 lawsuits to protect their interests. Five residents of Sevastopol social protection authorities issued veteran’s ID on the basis of the decisions of the courts.

the Sebastopol veterans had to confirm its status, despite the fact that they got it in the Ukraine. And in accordance with article 12 of the law N6-FKZ in CuIMU and Sevastopol are the documents giving the right to receive pensions, allowances, compensations and other social payments, issued by official authorities of Ukraine, without any confirmation from the state bodies of the Russian Federation. This rule was introduced specifically to seniors, veterans, socially unprotected people do not have to pester offices of officials, to the pile of references, to go through the courts. But officials interpret the law otherwise.

In the archives to date, little has been preserved, the authenticity of the documents is impossible to prove. Especially about work in the rear: employment record would not start, instead, kept record of workdays in the hands of people gave help, but in the archives no evidence for this. Many, gaining veteran status in the 1990-ies, recorded the testimony of the then living witnesses: villagers, staff, leaders of collective farms and state institutions. But now, these documents are not accepted.

the Prosecutor’s office In Sevastopol said that the replacement of the documents into Russian provided by law from 22.12.2014 N 421-FZ “On peculiarities of legal regulation of relations connected with the provision of social protection measures on the territories of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol”. The beneficiaries can replace the documents to obtain social support by the Russian legislation. To do this, they must provide a document containing information about the circumstances, events, and facts confirming the status.

it Turns out that veterans of Sevastopol and the Crimea are forced to re-undergo the procedure of status determination, as if they get it first. From the point of view of the law all right, but for older people, whose age has exceeded 90, it is extremely unfair.

a few More examples. Elena golubova at the age of 13, came to work at the Kirov collective farm in the village of Novohryhorivka Genichesk district, Kherson region. In the fall of 1943 the village was liberated from the Nazis. On the sidelines of the needed workers were all from small to large. Helena worked on the farm until 1985, and after retirement, moved to Sevastopol. For work in the great Patriotic war, she laid the status of the war workers. However, the official documents of the work in the war years have not survived. In the Ukrainian period to obtain veteran status, Golubov has gathered testimony that confirmed her words. But the social protection of Sevastopol in our days, these documents did not satisfy. The veteran was sent for information to the Ukrainian archive, which is now unlikely to respond to requests from Sevastopol.

According to the Prosecutor of Sevastopol, the social security refused the status of great Patriotic war veteran, 87-year-old woman, who from 1943 to 1950 he worked in the collective farm “Victory” in Prokhorovka area of Belthe city region. It also provided protocols of examination of witnesses made in 1995.

Another woman, 1932 year of birth, from September 1944 to 9 may 1945, he worked in kolkhoz imeni Voroshilova (now the farm firm “Chernomorets”) in the village of angle Bakhchisaray district. That is, it’s here, close by, just beyond the borders of Sevastopol. But the evidence is again not satisfied with the officials. To gather them a second time is impossible: witnesses no longer alive.

And a lot of such examples. To count veterans can only to the court.

“If the archival documents confirming the fact of work in the rear during the great Patriotic war, do not exist, then the certificate of the veteran of war – war workers can be issued on the basis of a court decision establishing a fact of legal significance”, – explained in Prosecutor’s office.

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