Almost exactly to the day two years ago. I played on that Saturday in March, football, as during earlier decades. Then a crack in the right hip. The last Ball was played. With football for me. For always. I used to criticize. With God? No. Has nothing to do with it. At a stroke, the almost in a stone-carved structure, however, coincided with my Saturday morning. Hungering Emptiness.

In this event I remember in these times of Corona. For me it was a milestone, because I love football above everything. For the world, but so important, such as when a mouse pees into the sea. The Corona-the Hammer is but for the humanity as profoundly as it is for me that 24. March 2018. Much of life is now silent. But not for always, as is the case with me.

What I was looking forward to the football world Cup in your own country, the Olympic games, but especially on the European football championship. I almost can’t tell it as a pastor – these major sporting events, I’m also looking forward to how a Church service. Now, nothing is out of them, at least provisionally. I put myself in an Athlete, or an athlete. I can relate to. You’re disappointed. But just as an athlete, you could now on two of your reflect Strengths. The a is challenge. In it you are strong. It is your daily bread. Now you can make you mobile, not on the court, but mentally. The other challenge I see in the art of setting. On every Sprint, every Match you have to adjust to you optimally. Now is the time to deal with, not to be able to be back for a competitive contest.

years Ago, one of my profession has warned colleagues: “We are digging incessantly coal in the locomotive of progress, without knowing where this is going.” Undoubtedly, that was before this nasty, invisible thing with the stately name of “Corona” the world was looking for a home. Now the locomotive is at a standstill. And now?

three weeks Ago, I was sitting in a Café. Suddenly an older gentleman standing next to me. “Reverend,” he said with a wink, ” now, the people then go back into the Church, and if Corona does not warp, they are empty again.” Grinned and left me. But not at a loss. Only thoughtful. The man must not have meant that God had sent this Virus and the churches would benefit from it? A horrid thought. So the middle ages, it appears, is not extinct, he still.

Corona is trying to tell us nothing. Who could recognize his message clear? But we can respond to the devastating effects of this Virus. As sportsmen and women meticulously take care of your daily to your body. Where, however, the contact of your soul remains? How is the maintenance of sustaining relationships. The extraordinary situation in tears unexpected opportunities to seek more attention. All the signs are now good for the entire world community, to devote themselves to two questions, which otherwise would not have the time constantly: What kind of a person am I? I want to really live, how I live now?

The external state of the world and of every human being is a reflection of the inner Constitution. If this suffers, it is no wonder that the external world lies in Wickedness. I am fervently hoping, people of all worldviews take the example of Jesus. He went 40 days in the desert, brought up on the inside in order and was just able to deal so incredibly healing with the people.