City and University in which hospitals treat patients with the coronavirus

Medical complex in Kommunarka has become one of the main medical institutions of the capital (the whole country), where they treat patients with coronavirus. He was one of the first to accept patients with coronavirus infection.

in Moscow, However, over the last week has increased not only the number of hospitalizations, but patients with severe disease, patients with coronavirus infection.

the Main task now is to provide all patients with necessary medical care. To do this, in the major institutions of the capital unfold hospitals to combat COVID-19. In Moscow will mobilize not only regional and Federal, and private clinics. In all medical institutions treatment is free of charge, under the program of obligatory medical insurance (OMS).

In a short time in the major institutions of the capital deploy to hospitals for reception of patients: carry out alterations to the premises, create additional decontamination stations (gateways) that prevent the spread of infection, develop a modern emergency Department with insulated boxes and separate entrances for staff and for the admission and discharge of patients.

To combat coronavirus infection involved. Preparations are underway for the deployment of hospitals in several buildings of the Federal, municipal and private hospitals.

On the territory of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas in the settlement Voronovo in a short time built a powerful infectious diseases hospital of 800 seats expandable to 900. The construction of the hospital is complete, the first patients are prepared to take Monday, April 20.

On the basis of city outpatient clinics began to create COVID centers. More than 40 clinics that have cabinets CT, on a systematic basis will be able to diagnose patients in the early stages and provide them with care, maintain them in continuous operation. The offices of computer tomography in COVID centers will be transferred to a permanent mode of operation. This decision will allow faster diagnosis of patients and improve the assistance to outpatients.

furthermore, about seven million Muscovites are treated at home — they have been mild and does not require a stay in hospital. The condition of patients following experts of the center for telehealth of the Department of health of Moscow.

Doctors on communication: how telemedicine helps in the fight against coronaviruses the quality and coherence of the team: Vladimir Putin visited the hospital in Kommunarka

First to assist the patients with coronavirus infection were the doctors of the infectious diseases hospital (SSI) No. 1 and the infectious clinical hospital № 2 at the end of January. For those who have been diagnosed with coronavirus, in February opened the doors of the medical complex in Kommunarka.

Children with subtopic��eridanum diagnosis in early March were sent to the city children’s clinical hospital named after Z. A. Vashlaevoj. Also the reception of young patients with suspected coronavirus began in children’s infectious diseases clinical hospital № 6 and the Morozov children’s city clinical hospital.

For adult patients in March redeveloped five medical institutions: the hospital for veterans of wars in Shabolovka, Moscow, Scientific research Institute of emergency care named after N. In. Sklifosovsky, perinatal center of city clinical hospital № 67 named after L. A. Vorohoba, city clinical hospital № 15 named after O. M. Filatov city clinical hospital No. 52.

Since April, patients with coronavirus is in the hospital for veterans of wars № 3, and also in the clinical hospital “Lupino”, the hospital group of companies “Medsi” and other hospitals.

At the initiative of the Committee on clinical COVID-19 established in Moscow, the system of hospitals for patients with coronavirus infection were included agencies providing care to patients with community-acquired pneumonia.

For elderly patients: coronavirus, the hospital was opened on the basis of hospital for veterans of wars № 3Больница name L. A. Vorohoba preparing to take the patients with coronavirus infection.

the First patient with suspected coronavirus arrived in the SDS No. 1 at the end of January. The citizen of China was diagnosed with pneumonia, and the test for novel coronavirus infection showed a negative result.

After this incident the hospital for examination were admitted those who came from countries with unfavorable epidemiological situation COVID-19.

the First patient with novel coronavirus infection was admitted to the hospital in February — a young man caught in Italy, where at that time was extremely unfavorable epidemiological situation. He was discharged after two weeks of hospitalization with a negative test result for coronavirus.

With the increase in the number of new cases COVID-19 it was decided to repair the hospital buildings, it is possible to expand opportunities of the clinic. Work conducted around the clock for two weeks.

At the hospital created optimal conditions for the patients. The renovated floors are available beds, equipped with apparatus for supplying oxygen. The clinic has purchased new portable diagnostic and treatment equipment, test kits and personal protective equipment.

Experts IKB No. 1 help colleagues from other medical organizations and work in Observatory put people who had contact with the patient COVID-19.

Hospitals to treat COVID-19, and pneumonia can include in a single systemmedia working with patients with crown��the irus will receive additional payments

One of the largest sites in the country to combat coronavirus developed on the basis of the city clinical hospital № 15 named after O. M. Filatov. The clinic has more than 1.3 thousand places, if necessary, this number can be increased and made more than a hundred additional intensive care beds. The hospital has 543 741 doctor and nurse — they have been trained to work in a pandemic. Each employee who will work in the outbreak, were instructed.

the Hospital is almost totally redesigned for the treatment of patients with COVID-19.

the hospital is equipped with modern equipment: there is equipment for artificial pulmonary ventilation and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. They need to saturate the blood with oxygen in the case of the development of severe acute respiratory failure. A is devices for computer and magnetic resonance tomography, x-ray and other high-tech methods of diagnosis.

Sergei Sobyanin has opened coronavirus hospital in the city clinical hospital № 15 named after O. M. Flatwareamerica wards and security: the clinical hospital named after S. I. Spasokukotskogo converted for patients with coronavirus

To provide medical care to children with coronavirus in the shortest possible time, taking into account all requirements of infection safety was converted infectious body children’s city clinical hospital named after Z. A. Vashlaevoj. Including here was prepared chambers for newborns with coronavirus infection.

Infectious Department consists of millerovskij boxes, they have separate entrances for patient and medicines��who staff. In the boxes there are all for sharing with the parents of children, including in the intensive care unit: separate bathrooms, extra beds for adults, changing tables. There is a special equipment for disinfecting the premises.

Working in the infectious disease Department at the multidisciplinary hospital helps to connect to the treatment and diagnosis of all the resources of the clinic. At the disposal of doctors — the whole Arsenal of modern diagnostic tools: here you can spend ultrasound examination of the heart, abdominal organs, retroperitoneal space, small pelvis with Doppler and neurosonography, to do a CT scan, MRI, organize endoscopic diagnosis.

Another coronavirus, the hospital works at the clinic of the First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov.

In the first phase redeveloped 700 beds: 400 beds at the University clinical hospital No. 2 (building named after V. H. Vasilenko, Pogodinskaya street, 1), and 300 — in clinical hospital № 4 (street Dovatora, the house 15). By 14 April for another 250 beds deployed in the University clinical hospital № 3 (clinic name E. M. Tareeva, Rossolimo street, house 11, structure 5).

University hospitals equipped with ventilators. There set computer tomography is the most effective tool for the diagnosis of pneumonia. The clinic provided remedies and medicines, they also organized beds of reanimation and intensive therapy. To prevent the spread of infection, the hospital organized a “clean” and “dirty” areas, sanitary gateways.

the clinics sechenovskiy University employs highly trained specialists who will provide professional medical care at any level. In the framework of personnel training for work in a pandemic the University has been training medical personnel.

Sechenovskiy When the University opened a hospital for patients with COVID-19B Sklife opened the case for patients with suspected coronavirus

In Scientific research Institute of emergency care named after N. In. Sklifosovsky for patients with coronavirus redeveloped two medical buildings. There were protective structures, tight aisles, an upgraded ventilation system and a video surveillance system.

Much attention is paid to security: the whole body is divided into “dirty” and “clean” areas delineated protective hermetic designs. In the “dirty” work is organized using EMIAS (Unified medical information management system) that allows min��to misiowaty personal communication between doctors and staff of diagnostic services.

Each house is equipped also there is a workstation with a computer. Patients can maintain contact with relatives, even if they have their own gadgets.

With patients work multidisciplinary teams of doctors: anesthesiologists-Intensivists, internists, pulmonologists, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists.

the Housing is equipped with ventilators, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, intensive care monitors, x-ray machines and other necessary equipment. All therapeutic and intensive care beds equipped the console with the aspiration systems and the possibility of oxygen supply.

Physicians who treat patients with mers are regularly tested for COVID-19

In the settlement Voronovo of new infectious diseases hospital is preparing to receive its first patients on April 20.

the hospital has placed 800 beds for the treatment of patients with coronavirus with the possibility of expansion to 900 beds. Beds can be converted into intensive care.

in Addition to the intensive care unit, the clinic will be located the unit will work in a laboratory, children’s, and operation and — if necessary — the maternity ward. A helipad can accommodate three helicopters.

For the treatment of patients purchased about 100 thousand units of equipment, including more than 26 700 pieces of medical equipment and furniture, and protective suits for personnel.

used To complete the construction of pre-fabricated construction. Round-the-clock work has attracted 27 major contractors.

at the same time at the construction site he worked for about 11 thousand construction workers and more than 1,500 units of construction equipment.

to Build a hospital using prefabricated structures began on March 12. To do this, picked up a free territory in the settlement of the Voronovo.

it is Worth noting that infectious hospital in the Voronovo — not temporary, but capital will serve as decades for other medical purposes.

Basic construction works most cases of infectious hospital in the Voronovo completed

the Main burden for combating coronavirus infection medical doctors. Therefore, in the capital adopted a number of measures to support doctors, to facilitate and protect their work.

the Doctors and nurses of hospitals, which treat patients with coronavirus infection. Frequency is determined by the work schedule of a particular specialist and intimacy of his contacts with patients.

staff coronavirus hospitals VVEday increments. Doctors eligible for additional 70 thousand rubles per month, average medical staff — 50 thousand. Allowance for nurses and other staff will be 30 thousand rubles.

on April 13 in Moscow, introduced free Parking for medical staff who work with patients with coronavirus infection. By doctors to do nothing — lists with their names were transferred to the Department of transportation and development of road transport infrastructure of Moscow.

Health workers coronavirus hospitals will be able to use a taxi to travel to work and back. Hotel and transport services will be paid for by the city budget. Temporary residence in hotels will allow you to protect against the risk of infecting loved ones physicians, minimizing their contact with the external environment.