Romelu Lukaku wants to leave Chelsea. While Inter Milan is courting the striker’s return, FC Bayern is said to have gotten involved and want to get the Belgian to replace Lewandowski.

Bayern as an inter-competitor? The Italian transfer insider Giacomo Iacobellis surprisingly brings FC Bayern into play as Inter’s “big rival” in the struggle for Romelu Lukaku via Twitter. “The Nerazzurri would offer a loan deal, while the Germans would offer a high fee and a three-year contract. Contact between Lukaku’s lawyer and Bayern this week.”

Lukaku wants to leave: Lukaku wants to leave Chelsea after just one year. The 29-year-old striker does not feel comfortable under coach Thomas Tuchel. After a disappointing season, he is pushing a return to Inter, where he played before joining Chelsea.

How expensive would Lukaku be? Chelsea signed the Belgian in the summer of 2021 for 115 million euros. It is quite possible that the Londoners would sell him for less money to ensure peace of mind and save his salary of 21 million euros a year. And Bavaria? They need a center forward to replace Robert Lewandowski, who is massively pushing for a transfer.

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