let’s be honest: Have you ever read the page-long General conditions of insurance (ABV) of your car insurance? VIEW-auto editor Andreas angel (35) has been used in the light of the Corona-crisis, the More time to Dig into all of the small print – and desperately fast: Up to 31 pages or printed out in about nine meters of paper full of technical terms. “Exhausting,” says angel, “But one wants to know, what is his car insurance really.”

angel has to measure the AVB of twelve insurers followed: the leader is the Vaudoise 31 pages are printouts is 9.21 meters of A4! Almost modest against the Dextra with nine sides or 2.67 meters. Clearly this is an unjust comparison, because the title sheet, or Appendix didn’t are still, times. But even without it, depending on the insurance, usually 10 to 15 pages of ABV.

Why it pays to read

“Maybe it would be right now if the people in the Corona-crisis-spend more time at home, but the perfect opportunity to take the time to read,” says Andrea Auer (33), the mobility expert from the comparison portal Comparis.ch: “It may be worth it namely mainly due to four points: Alone in the event of a total loss of power fast, 10’000 Swiss francs difference. Add to that bonus stages-Park – property-Assistance-differences.”

What to look for, explains Auer the VIEWS in the Interview.

5 questions to ask: Andrea Auer (33), Comparis-mobility expert

Andrea Auer: Because this term refers to the total, depending on the car age and price when new up to about 10’000 Swiss francs difference hide can hurt! To explain: most of The insurers remunerate more than the car to the accident-time value. This is true not only for expensive new cars. Also in older cars the differences are sometimes large. Some insurers reimburse from the eighth year of operation, the time-value of ten percent of the original value – four of them even to the Auto-end-of-life. This means, in the case of the providers, Dextra, Kasko2Go, Postfinance and Vaudoise drivers get in case of a total damage or theft to the time value is still ten percent of the original value back has no matter what is the value of the car. With a 45’000-franc car the are 4500 Swiss francs. Other refund from the eighth year of operation, only the time value.

The bonus levels System indicates, how much percent will increase the premium in the case of damage without any bonus protection. In principle, the following applies: In the case of a claims-free year the premium drops to the next lower level, per case of damage, it rises to four levels and the are from provider to provider very different. In the GCS you can find the best-under the “reward levels”. The bonus protection is usually only for a damage in the year. And there are insurance companies that do not have a Bonus System Where the bonus is fixed and does not rise even after a loss, such as in the case of Dextra, Zurich and PostFinance. the

… where the Park damage-cover is like the classic. It does cost a little, but it is recommended because of the frequency of Parking damage. Here there are large differences in how many accidents per year are covered and to what sum per Park to cover damage, maximum is limited! To worth last but not least the views of mobility or Assistance coverage, so to damage. Example: Organized a car insurance replacement or I? the

for Sure! You can cancel at any time by the deadline on the expiration date, and now already on this appointment elsewhere for a new insurance.

The conclusion is important: Always have at least the annual termination right in the policy, and there is now also an insurer with monthly contracts, such as Smile. For more than four-year-old cars no longer worth it for fully comprehensive insurance often. Also, make sure that you are over-insured: personal accident is not absolutely necessary, and carried objects are included after often in the Household. the