this week entered into force the new regulation for the organization and conduct of follow-up for adult patients with cancer (the order of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation No. 548н of June 4, 2020).

According to the document, such a patient should be put on follow-up within three days from the date of diagnosis and obtaining informed voluntary consent to medical intervention. To observe patients are oncologists at centers outpatient incommodi in primary oncological offices, dispensaries. This type of assistance is included in the program of state guarantees and is paid for by medical insurance, that is for the patient follow-up, which will now be carried out throughout a person’s life, cancer survivors, free of charge.

the New order determines the order of actions of the doctor-oncologist: it maintains records of patients; develops an individual plan for monitoring the status of each patient, taking into account the characteristics of the course of his illness in accordance with clinical guidelines developed by leading oncologists of the country. In addition, the doctor informs the patient about the schedule of surveys and organizes visits of the patient. Simply put, the patient should be regularly invited to the appointment. This will allow time to see if the disease will again begin to progress and send the patient on a course of treatment, including high-tech. The competence of the doctor to connect, if need be, other professionals, e.g. psychologist.

an Important point: what if the patient has no opportunity to come to onkarabile due to the severity of the condition, the doctor must arrange for regular medical observation at home.

the Document also provides for the possibility of remote consultations using telemedicine. When you travel outside your region for a period of more than six months, the patient may advance to inform your doctor – he must provide surveillance to the new location .

“Timely and quality clinical supervision is a necessary condition to improve the health of Russians, which ensures continuity of treatment and best medical supervision over the patients, – says member of the working group of the WBU, Deputy General Director of “Kapital-MS” Elena Tretyakova. – To this rule was met, the national project “Health” provides a control mechanism for medical institutions. This is one of the priority tasks assigned to the insurance medical organization. They control the medical assistance tracking how often patients are invited to a reception and have people do the prescription. This is an individual work of insurance representatives, which gives the patient the opportunity to learn about their great��Ah.”

the Frequency of follow-up techniques depends on the type and severity of the disease and are clearly described in the document. This allows insurance agents to navigate in the chart monitoring of patients, to remind him about the upcoming visit to the doctor and keep under control the treatment process.

“When a patient is informed in advance of what he will have the procedure, this allows you to psychologically prepare, and generates patient adherence to treatment and compliance with medical recommendations,” said a member of the Council of public organizations for protection of patients ‘ rights at Roszdravnadzor, Professor Alexei Starchenko.

an insurance company Representative will also find out why, for example, a patient missed an appointment or procedure, and whether this flaws oncologist.

the Insurance representative will also warn the patient that in the event of complaints or symptoms that are suspicious in relation to the progression of the disease, is shown immediately appeal to the oncologist for conducting diagnostic procedures.

in order to get such customized information support, the patient must make an individual agreement, which, as a rule, citizens give when making polices or during a visit to the office of the insurance company. Also, this document can be signed at the post insurance representative in the clinic or the Oncology center.

the Insurance representative not only helps in terms of information – it is required to maintain “attached” patient, if there are problems with the treatment or controversial situation with madagasikara, where he receives help.

it is Known that in many regions to get high-quality assistance to people diagnosed with cancer, free very hard hidden fees in this field of medicine is still very common. These problems can also be discussed with the insurance representative.

“cancer Treatment is often fraught with underlying medical ailments. And complaints the physician shall be sent for consultation to specialists, not to believe that such a course of events – the norm. If the treatment of related illnesses requires expensive medication, it is important to understand that all drugs and supportive therapy are available on CHI free. No surcharges “for a good product” should not be, if you require a copay – call your insurance company,” insists Alex Starchenko.