Kirill, at risk, older people, patients with chronic diseases and especially children and adults suffering from cancer. Moreover, it is clear that it is not such a terrible danger to fall ill, how much danger is not time to get help due to restrictions in travel. How did the closing of borders of the countries, cities and organizations on the activities of the Oncology clinics? Always talking, writing about the suspension of admission and treatment. Including sick children. This affects the mood of the parents. What is the situation in your Institute?

Kirill Kyrgyz: Work in a regular mode. Although, of course, the restrictions imposed, designed to prevent infection. This isolation, and treatment with disinfectant solutions, and constant monitoring of the distance between people, wearing masks, processing the hands of parents and medical personnel. In the branches is strictly controlled the issue of displacement.

These measures are clear. They are generally accepted. And the world data? After all, already have some experience in the diagnosis and treatment of children with cancer and COVID?

Kirill Kyrgyz: Cases, fortunately, not so much. But ready and constantly updated recommendations. Our centre participates in data exchange with experts around the world on a special platform, which was organized by children’s global Alliance against child cancer “St. Jude” and the International society of pediatric Oncology. Let me remind you that we are members of these organizations. And means in constant communication with colleagues. Share the best practices.

what is it about the experience, says?

Kirill Kyrgyz: First of all, the most banal: it is easier to prevent than to treat. Says that it is impossible to interrupt the treatment of the underlying disease and rehabilitation. And where better to stay home.

These principles are followed at your centre?

Kirill Kyrgyz: of Course. Moreover, the high activity is maintained. For example, at the moment admitted the same number of patients as in the normal, bezkorovainyi time. The staff tries to prevent crowding, given protection.

Not necessary to postpone the operation?

Kirill Kyrgyz: Surgery, patients with malignant neoplasms and suspicion on them are carried out strictly when they are needed. I will say more: in recent weeks several unique surgeries.

for Example?

Kirill Kyrgyz: for Example, recently head of the Department of bone tumors Aslan Zamaev spent most surgery to remove tumors of the pelvis using 3D-reconstruction. Such operations are rare not only in Russia but also in the world. Still our center accepts patients with retinoblastoma. We talked about this direction in one of the rooms of your newspaper. Treat children with tumors of the thyroid gland. Recently we were able to get additional aid for children who require endoscopic removal of the formation of the skull. This work is headed by academician Vladimir Polyakov.

And if you talk about other localizations, we would like to tell you about the unique case of operation in a child with recurrent ovarian carcinoma after non-radical operations performed at the place of residence. Because of the rapid progression urgently it was necessary to hospitalize the kid and to perform radical surgery in our Institute. She held the head of Department Anatoly Kazantsev.

the fate of the child?

Kirill Kyrgyz: choose the right tactics of treatment with optimal chemotherapy. Hope it will help to avoid a relapse.

With your words so simple…

Kirill Kyrgyz: Not at all! The team of doctors of our center is not only clinicians, but also specialists in imaging, pathology… On this particular occasion repeatedly going discussion materials were reviewed not only in the clinics of Russia and the world.

I Hope the quarantine operations are carried out?

Kirill Kyrgyz: Not only. Over the past few weeks we had four bone marrow transplant. There is a new technology that became available in our center since the beginning of the year. About it could tell the head of the Department of transplantation Natalia Sidorova. To tell you about how to perform the stem cell collection peripheral blood of very young children for subsequent autologous transplantation. A few years ago in the center of these children was performed the bone marrow harvesting in the operating room. Or had to wait long. But cancer can’t wait, so we promptly carry out such procedures.

Your patients not only from Russia?

Kirill Kyrgyz: Not only. After observation and repeated negative tests we were able to accept patients from Syria. In particular, two patients with leukemia. If you don’t mind, I would have said working with these patients of the Department of Hematology of our center, led by Timur Valiev. Modern patients underwent a thorough examination. Including molecular diagnostics. This in Syria is not available. Children are assigned a personalized therapy.

the Reception of foreign patients does not affect the admission of Russian children?

Kirill Kyrgyz: in Any case! Russian taken actively. Including urgent indications. So, just today, before meeting you, to the Department of Hematology for urgent indications this kid came from one of the regions of the Centre��Noy Russia. We understand that all companies are now working with a lot of stress, and trying to adopt for hospitalization of children.

Patients can get assistance and advice?

Kirill Kyrgyz: Yes. Although diagnostic service work with a high voltage, but very high quality. Naturally, special attention is now paid to infection control. In our Institute there is a special group under the leadership of pediatric oncologist Tatiana Gorbunova. We regularly discuss all complex cases in conjunction with the senior sister of the Institute Irina Askerova.

And closures?..

Kirill Kyrgyz: a Very difficult problem. The closure not only between countries but also regions of the country. It has become very difficult to obtain unregistered drugs from abroad. Even if you received all the necessary permits. Patients can’t go home because of the quarantine all visitors from Moscow. It requires even more effort. So, increased the role of telemedicine consultations, when we in an online format can lead a child together with experts in the community.

how to be parents?

Kirill Kyrgyz: to Remember that without the help of their children will remain. You must understand that you cannot postpone chemo, surgical treatment. I will say the words of their teacher, Director of our Institute Professor Svetlana Varfolomeeva: “Children are beyond politics, beyond countries. And now out of the epidemic. Everyone needs to get help!”