Budennovsk hospital was then smaller and smaller – now there is modern equipment, new buildings. Trouble shocked the world, and therefore helped the whole world, especially Muscovites – repair, construction.

And the brunt of the fight against COVID-19 in the region it is also assumed: the military hospital of the world has entered a new battle against the virus. In a matter of days has prepared a special three-story building with 134 beds, everything – from specialized carriages “first aid” to individual operating locally to the disease are unable to get beyond the “red zone”. And as in any war, there are casualties several nurses working with the patients themselves picked up COVID.

“In the fight against the new virus involved all: infectious disease specialists, internists, Intensivists, surgeons have even retrained, says the chief Rustam Sanakoev. 60 people working around the clock, many do not even go home at night, are here constantly. Hard, but at stake is again the lives of people. Many had to restructure, while traditional units operate in full mode: we can’t leave thousands of people without medical care”.

In the hospital a lot of great, famous doctors. But there is a particular cohort of doctors. Those who survived back in 1995. Then I got into the city immediately after the capture: houses burned, dead lay on the streets. First doctors Budennovsk hospital, with whom I met, Vera Chepurina and Petro Kostyuchenko. On an old car-“the pill” they broke through the cordon of fighters and military to the city – and took us with him. On the way we fired, Vera Chepurina was injured. But he survived, had surgery and after a few days she was operated on. Even refused painkillers, he said: “Leave for patients, they do not have”.

Vera and now directs the surgical Department. “It teaches young doctors, brought up a whole galaxy of great surgeons, – says Rustam Sanakoev. – Imagine what it is for them by example and authority – as an icon!”

still works and another participant of the event – head of the maternity Department Raisa Goncharova. This position she held and during a RAID by bandits. Took birth under fire, even during attacks.

on 17 June, the army began storming the hospital. The militants forced women with newborn babies to get to the Windows live Board, and Raisa ran across: “don’t touch pregnant women, they are weak, if you need someone to Windows – put us doctors!”

Today, children born in this hell, for 25 years. As my daughter Lena. But they survived in spite of everything. And another 30 thousand pepole were born over the quarter of a century in the maternity ward, all these years, led by the amazing heroic woman Raisa Goncharova.

And Peter p. Kostyuchenko, turns out thatin Budennovsk, I was always trying to meet. Some of the former hostages do not want to participate in mournful annual meetings – nerves can not stand. But he always did. Although after the liberation of the hostages complained to me: pressure, heart fails.

he Worked as a doctor until recently. Died Peter a few days ago.

…the Whole world watched then on TV for the Prime Minister of Russia Viktor Chernomyrdin, heard his “Hello, Shamil Basayev!”. And only we, the hostages, saw these talks on the part of Basayev. I since then keep noted signed and sealed Shamil Basayev journalistic business trip – so he checked if I really was a journalist. And does not leave me feeling that someone up there, for some reason, gave us, the survivors, more time life, a kind of second series, and it lasts for a quarter century.

so, we are all responsible for the fact that it is never repeated.

June 14, 1995, a terrorist detachment of Shamil Basayev, moving from Chechnya to Moscow was stopped by the police and attacked the city of Budyonnovsk, shooting civilians and then attacked the hospital and about two thousand hostages. The result was injured or killed more than 600 people, destroyed and burned more than 160 buildings from hospital to Home of children’s creativity, the damage amounted to about 100 billion rubles.

on 19 June, the militants agreed to release more than a thousand hostages if their place will be some journalists major Newspapers and state Duma deputies. Among those volunteers who went the hostage of the gang in the Chechen mountains, includes your correspondent V. right.

a Search of the militants and the courts over them going all these years.

June 14, 12.20 held a moment of silence. And it can support even those who because of isolation can not come in Budennovsk.

It will be able to support all our readers. Even if it’s only a story – put in the day the alarm clock smartphone at 12.20. Light a candle. Remember victims.