All due her calm facial expressions

38-year-old pop singer Britney Spears in recent years has become a real sports fan. She does a lot of fitness and aerobic classes and regularly publishes in Instagram videos with training from my personal gym.

the Singer has recorded a video in which a straight face said that his own was burned gym.

“Hello! I am now in my gym. I haven’t been here in about six months because I burned it. I had two candles, one after the other, so I burned it. So, I’m here, and I have only two of the sports projectile, and now I will show you that you can do with them,” — said Britney, before you start training.

Publish from Britney Spears (@britneyspears) 29 APR 2020 2:22 PDT

In the description of the video, the singer said, it was a pure accident and set off the smoke alarm in time so that, except for the room itself, nothing else is affected.

Fans are happy for the star, but her straight face became a laughing matter. Users of social networks have come to love how Spears casually and without emotion, told that burned down her gym. And folk art has been unstoppable.

Britney saliendo de su gimnasio

I really can’t get over how Britney Spears just nonchalantly says she burnt down her home gym…with two candles.

Britney leaving the gym

This is Britney and her gym

Catherine Gura