American actor brad pitt portrayed a scientist and chief of infectious diseases, USA Anthony Fauci in a sketch show Saturday Night Live. Recently he jokingly said that he would like to in the new season of the program he played the winner of the award "Oscar". Request the doctor performed. Video shot in conditions of isolation, published online.

Brad pitt sitting at a table in the white wig and glasses and Fauci commented on the recent remarks of the US President Donald trump about the outbreak of coronavirus (videos with his speech, inserted in the sketch).

So, after showing the clip, where the US President promises that flash will disappear "a miracle" pitt says:

"a Miracle is, of course, wonderful. Who doesn’t love miracles? But they should not be the plan "And". Even Sally (referring to the pilot Chesley Sullenberger, made an emergency landing on the water of the Hudson river (new York). — Approx.ed.) until recently, planning to land at the airport".

Brad pitt also ribbed trump about the fact that the vaccine COVID-19 can be created "relatively soon."

"What an interesting phrase — reflects pitt. — Relative to the entire history of the Earth? Of course, then the vaccine will find very quickly, but if you tell your friend that you "relatively short" and show up a year and a half, it will be relatively angry".

At the end of the video, the actor takes off the wig and thanks for this Anthony Fauci, and all the health workers fighting an outbreak of coronavirus.

The video has received nearly ten million views on YouTube and 150 thousand likes.