Ksenia Borodina broke up with her husband Kurban Omarov and is now showing the public a new cavalier. However, the journalists of Komsomolskaya Pravda managed to

to find out that a young friend of the TV presenter Eric Avagyan has a very colorful biography.

Eric is an Armenian citizen. He also has a Russian business, but now all his projects related to real estate and fuel are unprofitable. Nevertheless, he is a millionaire blogger and demonstrates a luxurious life in the social network.

Grisha Eric (his nickname on the Internet) has a whole fleet of luxury cars. But they are not registered to him, the owner of the Porsche, Cadillac and Lamborghini was his driver (now former) Vadim Gaburyak.

Eric has a whole detective story connected with Gaburyak. He tried to sue the blogger for a large amount of money, allegedly transferred to the boss by mistake. However, in the end, law enforcement agencies found out that in this way the driver decided to return what he had previously been forced to pay off the theft.

Avagyan lost 200 thousand dollars, and not his own, but borrowed on a receipt. The study of these video cameras showed that it was Gaburyak who took them out of the owner’s apartment.

Immediately after the abduction, he fled to Armenia. There, Avagyan’s relatives found him out and forced him to return the money.

After the court took up this case, the blogger demanded to re-register the cars for himself. But Gaburyak, who did not admit his guilt, said that these vehicles belong to him. At the moment, the ex-driver is serving time in a penal colony, Avagyan remains the owner of a business, including a loss-making one, and “foreign” cars.

At the end of June, it became known that Ksenia Borodina filed for divorce from Kurban Omarov. The other day, the TV presenter announced that the decision to dissolve the marriage will officially come into force on September 7.

According to media reports, Borodina and Omarov have yet to divide the property acquired in marriage. The ex-husband of the TV presenter has already turned to lawyer Sergey Zhorin for help. The star defender nevertheless claims that the property component interests his client in the last place.