Investgruppa Bonum Capital, which in the market connect with Senator Suleiman Kerimov, is preparing to become the sole owner of “colour”, one of the most significant Department stores in the center of Moscow. The company, bought a year ago, the right of claim on loans issued for the construction of the facility, initiated negotiations with the current owners of the building structures on the web.Russia, on the assignment of property rights.That the Bonum Capital group can obtain the ownership of the entire Tsvetnoy Central market near the metro station “Tsvetnoy Boulevard” in Moscow, said three of the interlocutor “b” in the real estate market. According to them, the deal is now being discussed with the main owners of “flower” — structure of the state Corporation VEB.Of the Russian Federation. The parties declined to comment. In “Color” just reminded that the Fund now acts as the sole lender of the store and owns 15% of its shares.Bonum Capital was founded in 2013 by Murat Aliyev, he previously worked in the Treasury group “Nafta-Moscow” Suleiman Kerimov. On the market Mr Kerimov considered a beneficiary of the investment group. But the Senator and representatives Bonum Capital this relationship has always denied. Among the projects of investment group consolidation and sale of VTB 85% of the Bank “Revival” and the establishment in Dubna near Moscow for the production of medical syringes “Pascal medical”.Bonum Capital has acquired part of shares of “Color” in 2019, buying at public auction, the savings Bank loan obligations 4.2 billion. At the time, the state Bank issued for the construction of $150 million In the past year, the representative of Fund has declared that does not exclude the acquisition of the buildings of the Department (36.5 thousand sq. m) and the operating business of “colour”.The documentation on the auctions it was stated that the object pledged on the loan. When you stop payments on the loan, the rights owner can apply for recognition of the borrower’s insolvency and in the absence of the applicants on the property to pick it up yourself. Most likely, do not exclude the interlocutors “Kommersant”, the object will move Bonum Capital extrajudicial, as EBV.Russia has long been trying to get rid of “Color” and other troubled assets inherited by the Corporation in the transaction for the purchase of shares of developer RGI International, Boris Kuzinets (now Rose Group).By 2013, through the offshore structure of the web.Russia has consolidated the entire business of the developer, which at that time was actually two key projects — the current Department store “Color” and the construction in the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region residential complex In the forest. At the end of 2018, the company that manages the Department, have ceased to fulfill the obligations under the Sberbank loan. Interlocutors “” in the real estate market believe that the main causes of default on the loan began the fall of the ruble and a suboptimal concept torgtsentr: working there the stores are not able to attract sufficient quantitiesand visitors.Partner of Colliers International Stanislav Bibik estimates the current value of the object is not less than the amount of the current debt — RUB 4.2 billion, He says that the example of the European capitals, you can see the relevance of the Department store format in Moscow, “Color” has become a leader in its segment and one of the few centers of attraction in the area of Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The Director of the division of financial markets and investment JLL Mikael Ghazaryan among the advantages of the concept of “Color” refers to the neighborhood shops inexpensive segments with premium brands. Some stores in the Department store, the sales density is comparable with the largest Russian torgtsentrov such as “metropolis” and “the Gallery,” he says. Practice Director transaction real estate at PwC Russia Sayan Tsyrenov believes that the success of investments Bonum Capital will depend on market recovery, but in General good management, the owner of “Color” may recover traffic and increase lease payments.Elizaveta Makarova, Nikita Sharenkov