Bolivia’s president-elect Luis Arce has survived a dynamite attack after he was left “totally unprotected” by security forces during a meeting at his party’s headquarters.

A group of people attacked the head office of the Bolivian Movement for Socialism (MAS) party in La Paz city with dynamite on Thursday. Arce was holding a meeting with party members at the time.

Sebastian Michel, the MAS spokesperson, said no one was hurt in the incident, but he criticized security services for not commenting on the incident and failing to do enough to protect the president-elect. “We feel that we are totally unprotected. No one provides us with the security guarantees that our authority requires,” he said.

Former Bolivian president Evo Morales took to Twitter to condemn the attack, stating that the small groups who are attempting “to create a climate of confusion and violence” will not be successful. “Our revolution is peaceful and democratic,” he added.

The incident occurred just as Bolivia’s right-wing groups began a strike in opposition to the result of the presidential election held on October 18, in a bid to paralyze the country days before Arce’s inauguration.

Arce soundly defeated his rivals and secured 55.1 percent of the vote in the presidential election. The main opposition figure, Carlos Mesa, who took just under 29 percent of the vote, has refused to recognize the result of the election.

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