The Norwegian dominator Johannes Thingnes Bö also wins the pursuit in Pokljuka, five Norwegians end up in the top 7. Best German is Benedikt Doll in eleventh place, Johannes Kühn is twelfth after flawless shooting. The race to read in the ticker log.

1. J T. Bo (NOR) 31:43.20

2. Fillon Maillet (FRA) 1:04.90

3. T. Bo (NOR) 1:06.60

11.Doll (GER) 2:19.70

12. Bold (GER) 2:25.90

15. Rees (GER) 2:37.60

51. Strelow (GER) 5:49.10

54. Horn (GER) 5:55.90

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The demonstrations of power by Johannes Thingnes Bö and his Norwegian compatriots make the German biathletes despair a month before the home world championships. “In my world, I really shut him out. It’s a different league, today he has a huge lead again,” said Roman Rees after Bö’s fourth win in the fourth sprint of the season. 29-year-old Rees finished eighth in Slovenia on Friday, while team-mate Benedikt Doll was fourth and came closest to a superior trio from Scandinavia on the podium. “Overall, the Norwegians are so strong,” said Rees.

Born in Freiburg, he still wants to improve before the World Championships in Thuringia (February 8th to 19th). “It is important for us as a German team to be competitive, at least in the areas where we have a connection with Sweden and France, and to have them under control when in doubt,” said Rees. But the Norwegians are all in excellent form and are traveling to Germany as the big favorites for the season’s highlight. It’s also down to the team behind the team. “We had very good material, but the Norwegians had a little better stuff,” Doll had to admit.

“Gold-Rosi” Mittermaier is dead. The winter sports athlete died at the age of 72 after a serious illness. “Gold-Rosi” won two gold medals for Germany at the 1976 Winter Olympics.

Gabriel Clemens is the first German darts professional to make it to the semi-finals of the World Cup. This is not only a sporting success, but also brings a warm shower of money. As a darts professional, financial survival is otherwise difficult.