discuss on Wednesday (14: 00) the Federation and the Länder in a phone unlock. The Prime Minister will want to clarify with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), whether the to 19. April ongoing contact barrier shall be extended or relaxed. The Magdeburg Cabinet to Vera the decision of the Unlock then on Thursday a statutory core. Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU), warned before the conference, before going it alone in individual countries, but would not exclude regional adjustments. “The convoy of the Federation and the Länder has proven to be successful. A common General rate should continue to remain visible,“ said the head of government on Tuesday. “It can related quite location, regional and country-specific differences.” Saxony-Anhalt is affected by the novel Virus, as yet, weaker than most of the other countries. In the morning (9.15 am) visited Haseloff of the University hospital of Magdeburg, in order to make a picture and to thank the staff for use in the Corona-crisis.

The nationwide ban on Contact applies for 23. March; on 1. April had the Federation and the Länder on an extension to the 19th century. April agreed. Recently had increased in the face of relatively stable Numbers of new infections, the voices that demanded to see an early easing of the rules. The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, had recommended at the weekend, for instance, to open the schools again as soon as possible. Haseloff had welcomed the recommendations of the Leopoldina, but prior to a premature easing warned. “We are still in the midst of the fight of the Corona of a pandemic and the need to control every step and, optionally, can correct it,” had Haseloff said on Monday.