The success of your gym, like any other venture, depends on customer satisfaction, an efficient billing system, and proper management of records. To achieve this, you must invest in fitness management software based on your gym’s needs. The right system will help you automate a huge percentage of your tasks. These include membership management, marketing, sales, booking, billing, reporting, and a host of other tasks related to your gym.

In this article, we highlight the features and benefits of fitness management software.

Basic Features of Fitness Software

  • Client management

With a client management system, you can add client data, their personal information such as birth dates and addresses among other information. Also, you can add other client information such as body weight, body measurements, body analysis, and client progress.

You can include your client’s goals in the system and provide a workout and diet plan based on their goals and results of their body analysis. You can analyse their progress and performance and provide them with the results so that they understand their growth graph.

  • Bio-metric integration

Biometric gadgets are essential in providing additional security to the gym centre. The good thing about these devices is that you can have a number of them installed and integrated with the scheduling software.

Utilizing biometric devices helps to limit the passage of unapproved individuals such as customers who have not paid their subscription. This feature can also be used to gauge the participation of members and attendance of your workers.

  • Marketing tools

The best booking system comes with several marketing tools to help you manage distinctive advertising efforts. Some marketing features to expect in studio management software like gymcatch include packages, coupons, reward focuses, and bulk SMS and emails.

When used correctly, these features can help you efficiently advertise your gym and improve your brand’s visibility.

  • Online membership sales and engagement

Your booking system should seamlessly link with your website and social media platforms. An online sales portal gives members and interested parties access 24/7.

Additionally, the gym management software should be optimized for mobile devices. This will give you and your members easy access to the software whenever and wherever you are. It will also help members view gym information, schedule classes, and check-in using their mobile devices.

  • Automated billing

Another important feature of any fitness instructor software is automated billing. Software that lets you bill automatically enables you to know what you are owed, manage invoices more efficiently, and improve your business’ customer service. The software you choose should have extra features like late fees, no-show penalties, and costs for cancellations.

  • Real-time reporting

A gym management software solution must have the ability to report financial measures and statistics in real-time. Such a system helps you to closely monitor your business. Daily metrics and reports enable you to run your business smoothly and ensure its financial health.

Benefits of a Fitness Instructor Software

  1. Membership management

With a studio management software, you can easily automate sign ups, track member information and check-ins, and access a client portal. Through a client management portal, your gym members can view their membership information, schedule classes and appointments, sign waivers, and view or pay bills.

  1. Save time

A solid gym management software like Gymcatch can help you focus more on clients and programming classes and less on administration. With good software, you can reduce the time spent on processing registrations, scheduling classes, checking client membership, and sending SMS and emails among other time-consuming activities. Automated software will process all these activities freeing your time to ensure you focus on your core business.

  1. Event scheduling

A gym membership software allows you to easily schedule events such as courses, classes, and appointments. Depending on the type of software, you can also integrate these schedules seamlessly with your website and social media platforms. When you modify your dashboard, it will automatically update all other platforms simultaneously.

  1. Reporting

Reporting and analytic service are guaranteed with the reporting system that comes with the gym management system. The reporting tool allows you to check monthly billing statements, revenue per client, churn rate, lead tracking, club account deposit summaries, and invoices. The reporting tool can also assist in tracking the commissionable sales of your employees.

These reports can help you make important decisions based on financials and membership data. The information can also assist in properly managing cash flow.

  1. Email marketing capabilities

If you are looking to expand your business, you can integrate email marketing software using the scheduling software you choose to invest in. This way, you can launch a targeted, personalized campaign to members, informing them about your gym, and providing offers to join it. You can also communicate with existing clients through text messages and emails.