The asparagus farmers pierce, however, already since the days with the nice weather, good growing king of vegetables. Her first public appearance of the new asparagus Queen Gina had-Luise Schrey. The 20-Year-old will advertise for the next season for the Region. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic strict spacing rules must be adhered to, both during the field work, as well as the stalls.

The harvest in this season in the face of the pandemic is a big challenge, especially because of the lack of harvest workers from Romania, said Jürgen Jakobs, Chairman of the Association of beelitz asparagus in the RBB-“radio 1”. You, the land route was blocked due to entry restrictions. The farmers would, they hoped, however, that a helper will come.

Despite a General entry barrier to contain the Corona of a pandemic may be limited quotas for seasonal workers, in order to secure the harvest. In April and may to a nationwide plan to arrive 40, 000 people.

In the past few weeks, have been learning according to the Brandenburg horticultural Association is also interested from Germany, including short – time workers from the catering for the asparagus cultivation started. Mostly you want to, however, the sale or the logistics. The field work requires physical stamina and dexterity to the Sting of the rods.

In Beelitz grow the rods on 1700 hectares in total across the country 3900 hectares. The season traditionally ends on 24. June. Before Easter, the price per Kilo is 10 to 15 euros. After the holidays he will be in the single-digit range.