Because COVID-19 in Europe frequent attacks on grocery stores

the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte declared that the allocated funds will be distributed among eight thousand municipalities and transmitted in the form of purchase vouchers to those who are left without income. The cost of one such voucher will be 25-50 Euro. Another 4.3 billion euros will give the mayors the needs of the population of their cities. These measures by the Italian authorities after it became known that people in the Apennines is not enough money for food. In Italy, especially in the South of the country, the cases of attacks on grocery stores. According to the Guardian, customers walk out of stores without paying, some beg the owners of grocery shops to give them food for free. In social networks spread video in which a desperate mother with children, or owners of small street cafes shouting at the camera terrible words: “We are starving!” Quarantine in the Apennines introduced on March 10. Since there is production. The government banned public gatherings and closed all museums, theatres, cinemas and entertainment facilities. The special decree imposed restrictions on work shopping centers and restaurants. Recently, the government has allocated 25 billion euros to support the country’s economy. But neither these funds nor promised by Prime Minister steps do not solve the problem. And behind Italy are countries in which the quarantine began later.

Photo: Piero CRUCIATTI / AFP Italy to extend the quarantine for the coronavirus before Easter

the British BBC reported that the local authorities promised to support the business of state guarantees on Bank loans. But, for example, those working in the most affected the tourism industry, it doesn’t. “Banks earn a Commission, the company will stay afloat, but that won’t stop them from cutting suppliesDov”, – explains the BBC. The radio station quoted a local travel agent, who was involved in the sales of ski tours and was dismissed due to the closure of the resorts. “Even if my former Agency will get the credit, it is unlikely they’ll have me. Nothing special to sell, the market is dead,” he says. Not much better things in France. “The French are taking supermarkets by storm and bear the daily loss. Chronicles racing trucks and battle for the toilet paper fill the airwaves and social networks. Sellers do not know buyers: self-control, tact and sense of proportion vanished just a few days,” BBC reported.

In Poland, which was held in quarantine the entire second half of March, first bankrupt private businesses, lost clients, such as small cafes, hotels, tour operators. Thus, according to the source, “RG”, owning a small company in Wroclaw, to pay so-called “triple” contributions to health, pension and social insurance – has, regardless of what is happening in the country and the world. “My business is now idle. But if I don’t pay, or at least for one day you miss a payment, not only I, but my wife and child will lose the right to medical care. And only three months after payment privileges will be restored. It is clear that now it’s too risky. And you need to pay a lot of money – about 500 euros a month,” he said.

Grocery card in the amount of 400 million euros will be allocated to Italians who left money for food

In the near future the world will face economic problems that are more serious and bigger of everything that has ever gone through the majority of the population in developed countries,” the BBC quoted economist Mohamed El-Arian, who worked in senior positions in the IMF and the US administration. After several weeks of discussions with economists, doctors and scientists specializing in behavioral patterns, Mohamed El-Erian concludes: “Of the three leading world economies – USA, Europeresouse and China – the two still look to increase wealth, albeit less than expected, and one – the European Union is being prepared to tighten the belt.”