beauty Salons opened in Moscow a week ago, and during those days to get to masters was not easy: turn, turn, turn… After three months of isolation, serious interference in the appearance it took almost all women, and, as noted by the wizard, some of the consequences of the downtime will have to be corrected for a long time. The correspondent of “MK” has found out, the unhappy today specialists in hair removal, eyebrow correction and face care.

Many skeptical women during the quarantine, he never missed an opportunity to shame others: think, they say, the problem is not to enroll in the salon on hair removal! Had previously done – and nothing the men did not leave! However, if the husbands separate topic of conversation, something about the procedures themselves beauticians expressed more strongly: if we began to care for themselves in the cabin, to stay desirable.

– many clients can say: unfortunately, all of our long previous work down the drain. For three months everyone in one way or another used the alternative and not very useful ways of hair removal: razor or a special cream. Well, after shaving is safe to say that sugaring or waxing again as the first time: the hair becomes stiffer, thicker, grow thick, – told the “MK” Olga Yudina, working in one of the chain salons, hair removal. Usually I scold people if they grab the razor, and then even the curse can not be: well, what woman will go three months with overgrown armpits?

According to Yudina, some girls tried to cope on their own: bought wax and strips for hair removal and performed painful procedure in your own bathroom. But this is not a panacea – as explained by the master, the success and lasting effect of hair removal depends largely on the angle at which you need to tear a strip. If the angle is wrong, the hair just break off and not pulled out by the roots. Therefore, the effect is like a razor: after a week you need to remove hair again. This fundamental difference from shugaring or waxing – where, if all goes well, the effect lasts for 3-4 weeks, and the hairs each time getting weaker.

Those involved in the correction of eyebrows (or, to put a modern architecture of the eyebrows), was more fortunate. Shave your eyebrows as a few centuries ago, none of the clients had not occurred, so the worst than a woman can complicate the work of the brow is to pluck with tweezers the wrong thread… but it’s not fatal. On the contrary, after the quarantine appeared scope for the imagination: even those who old-fashioned plucked eyebrows in a “thin thread, surprise-raised”, as Lyudmila Prokofyevna from a favorite movie, three months in great thickets and ready to try something new, such as thick wide eyebrows.

But fashion naradiana eyelashes may be, will remain in decoratinga the past. As told “MK” brow Natalia Ivashchuk, over the past week, only a third of clients were asked to make, as before, and eyebrows and eyelashes – most limited to the correction of eyebrows.

– I had girls who did cilia. Now they say: no, wait, like used to, maybe by the fall… I really don’t know what it is: whether they have money back to back, but are embarrassed to admit that it’s true whether tastes have changed, explained Ivashchuk. – I assume that someone actually used for three months to natural lashes and does not want to return.

the master suggested that the decline in demand for the textbook “eyebrows and eyelashes” now due to the fact that it is work which does not comply with social distance has to lean close to the face. Even if both – and brow, and the client will wear a mask, such a procedure cannot be called absolutely safe in the era of universal sterility.

the Situation to care for a person who appears to have been more favourable – many cosmetologists participated in medical clinics and not in beauty salons, therefore, written to it even during the quarantine. However, used this opportunity not all – after the removal of the restriction to the masters came client with a similar “postcommissioning” problems.

– I see a very similar picture in almost all his clients regardless of age. First, the skin is dehydrated, scaly. Dull complexion – for a long time we didn’t get out into the fresh air, we didn’t have enough oxygen and sun. Second, clogged pores even those girls who have gone comedones. The fact that the isolation many people ignored the evening cleansing. Believed that if makeup is not applied, then rinse with nothing – says “MK” beauty Natalia Orlova. Another cause of acne – stress, which we all have experienced, and this increases the level of cortisol. In addition, we are constantly wear masks: they are the ones who have problematic and sensitive skin, face irritation and rashes around the nasolabial fold and chin. So I’m all, without exception, recommend a deep moisturizing. Everything goes, if you set yourself a goal to do skin care properly.

the Master was advised not to rush for complicated procedures, but simply to perform the usual ritual – cleansing, toning, moisturizing – not Atlasova. In addition, tired after isolation, the skin will be products with vitamin C, for example, serums and lotions. They will help to bring a pleasant glow.

As previously wrote “MK”, may sales of varied of cosmetic products in online stores has grown as much as 44 times women smoke��nye inability to do professional care in the salon, I decided to practice the mask in the home.