Residents of Baikonur appealed to “MK” for help: how to get through to Moscow, every day infected COVID-19 here more. “Not enough doctors, not enough medicines. July 27 — the next space launch. Does a government Commission, where she will arrive?”

I know how tired themes of coronavirus, especially in an idle, relaxed Moscow, where at first glance in the epidemiological plan, everything seems to be coming in order, but there are regions distant from Russia, the information is out there strictly metered and, apparently, not too optimistic.

Baikonur, very much affected by coronavirus infection. Even in April, when after a trip here got sick, and then died in Kommunarka General designer of NPO “Energy” Evgeny Mikrin. He came to the launch crew to the ISS. At first everything seems to be alarmed, and sat down to quarantine, but it was a false alarm. An indoor CAT, skip, permanent restrictions and without isolation, and indeed remoteness from Central Russia, believed the Baykonur’s citizens, do their job, the disease will not pass.

However, the situation deteriorated dramatically after may 28.

According to official figures, on this day in the local hospital brought the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, worked by shift workers in the Atyrau region. Infected with covida were five. Another “positive” — student, studied at Moscow University.

this informed the head of the regional Department of the complex “Baikonur” of FMBA of Russia Andrei Popov. He noted that all cases of coronavirus, was in the city — imported.

Cases were Kazakhs, but with Russian registration at Baikonur, so to refuse hospitalization, they could not.

However, the head of the policlinics №1 of the FMBA of Russia Vladimir Cheprasov reported that all patients are treated, their health is satisfactory.

In General, at that time people were more worried about ordinary, everyday problems. In the reality of the virus and that he’s still got to legendary cosmodrome, few believed. More were outraged that the checkpoint was closed on the entry.

“please, space the price of food in the shops, under the message about the need to comply with security measures wrote the manual in chats. — And then this CAT at least a year in close”.

“These are all stories, and they will still vydumyvat until someone will arrange”.

“Where you can see the resolution for the issuance of special permits? The official website can’t find.”

“And then unclear what happened, but suddenly the infection has spread, the number of cases has increased dramatically,” — shrug inhabitants.

Who will answer, what was the reason? A malignancy or virus? Or too early taken, quarantine restrictions?

Indeed, since June 1, despite the appearance of the first cases, it was decided to cancel special permits for entry/exit (admission) through the checkpoint on the territory of the city residents of Baikonur, villages Toretam and Akay villages of the district and for the vehicle issued by the office of safety and mode of administration of the city; to allow the work of public transport, of course, thoroughly disinfecting it.

then less than three weeks ill order a hundred people. To some it may not seem so much — for the private settlement of 60 thousand people, but be aware that live here are mostly healthy people, excess hospitals especially there, and now the infectious Department of Central hospital is overcrowded, citizens often have to refuse hospital treatment. To take them nowhere. Around — abroad.

“People are sent home with a fever and cough — so describe the situation in the city chats to the relatives of the patients. — Work two doctors in the whole town! Two nurses at a hospital in the last power.”

With the hashtag @baikonuradm, @putin_leader, @tokayev_online users place information in social networks. The rhetoric of the messages is also changed dramatically.

“Why not enter emergency mode? Why are silent and do nothing?”

“When there were no virus, everything everywhere was closed, now the virus is growing every day, people die, but no quarantine! Where is the logic?!”

“Read the official information, however, it is not always timely, and that there are rumors”.

“the pharmacies do not have enough antiviral, antibiotics, even paracetamol — said the Baykonur’s citizens “MK”. — On the street stand in a queue dozens of people. KT in the city — one unit, there are two ventilation. But tests for coronavirus and antibodies even paid to do at this point is impossible. Is it not possible, as in Dagestan, to send us doctors to provide real help in drugs?”

the Number of deaths is unknown. According to rumors, those from 6 to 9 people, approximately 10% of the total number of cases, however, any information about this from official sources was removed. So people, alas, are content to gossip.

Restrictions on passage through the checkpoint the local people there. Missing still everyone, including from Kazakhstan, only from Central Russia to get complicated.

However, there is a travel from Moscow, they Lodge separately a two-week quarantine.

— And Roscosmos is aware of the situation? — ask addressed to us the Baykonur’s citizens.

— We don’t know, but it seems to have been cases of infection among the local employees. About reported whether Rogozin, can not say.

Residents in any case, don’t complain and don’t want the flying head, they argue that in this situation the mayor and the heads of all servicewould have done everything they can. “But the disease was stronger. Help us, please.”