Of all stuck in a foreign land tourists 30-year-old Spaniard Roberto Castr, perhaps the most exotic. He hitch-hikes with the dog. Carries a tent in case Pets are not allowed in the hotel. On the ride to Roberto for 9 months to get from Spain to India, where he was caught in the quarantine. Now the traveler samotorova in a tent by the sea in the South-East of India.

“MK” asked the desperate Spaniard on the causes and objectives so far, unusual and unsafe walking.

We Kokay, that’s my dog, started their journey more than a year ago, – says Roberto. In March 2019, the out of our house in Spain with a solution to get to China, the hitch. Since then we have visited many countries, in March this year made it to India and ended up in lockdown (closures). Now living in a tent on the beach in Auroville, the coastal town.

last Christmas, by the way, I found another dog, named her Tea is in Hindi means tea. When open borders, path to China, we will continue together.

– Through what countries it is possible to hitchhike to get to India?!

For the first 2 weeks of travel we crossed Europe: travelled through France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. From Bulgaria arrived to Turkey where I stayed for 2.5 months. Then another 2.5 months of staying in Georgia and Armenia. From there he moved to Iran and stayed there for 2 months. Then a month in Pakistan and now we are in India. If not quarantine, we would have gone further – in Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and then China. But we do not despair to carry out his plan, as soon as open borders. But to return from China to Spain planned through Central Asia and Russia.

Why are you taking a dog? Leave no with whom?

– it all Started in 2013 when I was just a backpacker traveler in a backpack. Traveling through the jungle of Bolivia, I came across a dying dog, picked it up and went. While nursed, attached. Named Kokay – in honor of the plants growing in the foothills of the Andes.

– But with animals it is not convenient! Especially hitchhiking!

– Has its own difficulties, but the very first time I realized how beautiful it is to travel with four-legged friend! The dog, relationships with people – both other travellers and locals – get better faster and easier. And love that you receive from your companion throughout the journey.

of Course, traveling with a dog, especially if the budget “backpacker” – that is, very modest. The two biggest items of expenditure for the traveller – transport and accommodation. Hitchhiking and camping – a way to save them. Very often, the locals name for the night to his home.

Where you ��eresh money to constantly travel?

My secret is not how I make money and how I save. While traveling I spend no more than 150 euros per month and some months even less than 100 euros. By hitchhiking and camping in a tent or in the homes of local residents, I spent only on food and from time to time on entrance to the tourist places. I do my best to earn a living in traveling. For example, for trips to Brazil and Mexico, I received scholarships from the University that allowed me to stay in each country for six months. Before the trip to Canada I got a work visa to have the opportunity during the trip to earn money as a cleaner in a hotel as a waiter, a Builder. I also wrote the book “a Diary of travels in South America, or as a street dog became the dog-the tourist”.

– to take a pet abroad, you need to perform so many formalities! And you is the number of borders crossed with a rather large dog! And now with two…

– Many, like you, asked me about it. I knew it was time to start a blog to give advice to all interested parties. In 2016, I started a page @viajerosperrunos. Perrunos Viajeros is Spanish for “traveler with a dog.” Began to give practical advice to those who do not want to part with their pet on vacation. Now, I hope, many no longer afraid to take the dogs in the street. By the way, to understand what the country is actually the level of culture and humanity, enough to bring a dog. Once it becomes clear that whatever told you about this country before travelling there.

what country best of all has shown?

– the Most friendly dogs and their owners in Canada. There all smiling at you and your dog asking her to treat. With the pet in Canada allowed in public transport and you can stay at almost any hotel, hostel or campsite. Travel across Canada by hitchhiking was really easy.

There are countries that are not a little surprised, because I had preconceptions about them. For example, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran. I was always told that in Muslim countries dogs are considered unclean and let her in the house – sin. Especially it was nice to know how many people in these countries love dogs! But the greatest discovery – Iran. Two months exploring the country we took in 47 houses, most of them overnight. Local kept trying to get us something to eat – in cafes and on the streets. Now for me the most welcoming country on Earth is Iran.

– How do you like the Indian quarantine? Many tourists complained to the police with batons and closed shops.

– When this all started, we were with another girl from taiVanya. We were evicted not only from the local house, but got kicked out of a campsite where we wanted to pitch a tent. While looking for a place, met with a traveler-Indian. He went to us for food in the first weeks, when there was the greatest tension. We Taiwanese girl couldn’t even appear in the store, local residents immediately ran up, shouting, “crown-crown!”. Several times had to deal with the police, local caused it, seeing our tent. Now the situation is improving, Indians have become friendlier. Understand that the virus spread not only white.

coming home we do not want and can not – I have no documents on Tea, behind them can only be accessed when you remove the lockdown. Now I just wait until everything comes back to normal, reading and watching movies. Still feeding the street dogs in your area. That’s who faced real problems from the pandemic! To the lockdown dog living on the beach, survived thanks to handouts from beachgoers, the remnants of food from restaurants and fish offal which was thrown out by the fishermen examining the catch. And now the beach is empty – no tourists, no fishermen.

– Hitchhiking, sleeping in the homes of others or in the tent – it is unsafe! The adventures that happen?

– of course! Where I happened to sleep over the years. At the dairy plant, in rehabe for drug addicts, at a veterinary clinic in a tent in the Amazon jungle, in a forest full of bears, desert, gas stations… But the most dangerous hitchhiking, you never know who will sit down in the car.

In Mexico I was picked up at the gas station two local. And the path suddenly started to tell me what a drug dealer. And asking me how I feel about this? I can’t tell them that their place is in prison! I had a vague answer that everyone need to earn a living. My companions were delighted and began to tell how their drug cartel. I was afraid that they all now I will just blurt, and then turn around and decide to get rid of me. And when they suddenly turned off the highway onto a dirt road, confirmed in his suspicion. I thought that even if the dog is not killed, and they took to themselves. But it turned out that we only deliver the consignment to someone else you need… In time travel companions bought me food and forced me to call my mom because it was Christmas and they got very upset that I’m a day away from my mom. And at parting told me that during the trip I really liked and gave me more than a thousand pesos (about 50 Euro).

Another fun companion caught in Romania – we were picked up by a truck driver who, like us, was on his way to Istanbul. He didn’t speak any English. On the fingers explained that his name was Tom, he hails from Ukraine, living in Poland. In his truck we spent three days: crossed Romania, Bulgaria and part of Turkey. Artem never onzvolil me to buy something, treated in a roadside cafe, but twice even cooked lunch on the tile, which was in his car.

Hitchhiking is not only a source of adventure, but also a way to meet a brave and noble people who are not afraid to take a companion and sincerely strive to help him. Kokay, Tea and I will be happy to find such friends in Russia, through which we plan to return home as soon as the coronavirus will allow us.