last Saturday In Sredneuralskaya convent, a scandal erupted with the participation of Ksenia Sobchak. The film crew came to the Urals to make a film about chiyoumen Sergius (Romanov), who denied the coronavirus pandemic, and called to break the isolation.

Nuns and Church leaders asked journalists to leave the territory of the monastery. A brawl ensued. The result – the Director of the crew broke his arm, Sobchak knocked to the ground.

After the incident, the Church for the parishioners was closed. Xenia, in turn, has threatened to publish compromising information about the cleric.

What he thinks about the incident himself, Sergei Romanov, and what’s happening now in the monastery – said the assistant chiyoumen Vsevolod Moguchev.

How is Sergius Romanov after the scandalous incident? Worried about his reputation?

‘ what’s this? Nonsense. Serge feels good in his life, nothing has changed. He prays and carries his social service. Does everything that the monastery continued to function normally, began Vsevolod Moguchev.

– In the monastery-is everybody okay? No one got sick?

– In the monastery, no one identified a single symptom of coronavirus, if you know.

– That is the territory of the monastery is a kind of “green” area?

– When people do not panic, they are all going well. It should be emphasized that the monastery sees to it that all who are there, support your immune system.

have You ever disinfection of premises, spend, masks, gloves staying are you?

Nothing that we have. All have a strong immune system. Although I’m not a medical researcher, not involved in monitoring the health of those who live in a convent, you say, as you can see from the side.

– After a conflict with Sobchak in the monastery outsiders are not allowed?

– There are many who allowed. Continue to come, the pilgrims, otherwise. The monastery was closed, but has limited access, increased security measures in order to avoid provocations from the ladies with a concussion, you know who I mean. Understand, the hype and the attention of journalists prevented the prayer lifestyle of everyone in the monastery.


my father Sergius come people who are in a difficult life situation. They don’t want their personal tragedies did the show. So the monastery has restricted the access of journalists. Not to be confused with the monastery and the “House-2”.

the Director of a film crew caused a serious injury, now father Sergius will have to answer to the police for his assistants.

– We are all interested. We have forgotten about it.

do not Even discuss how now to get out of the situation?

– On the agenda is this question just not worth it. Not the same problems that we are now discussing in the monastery. There are more important topics. We have a huge monastery, there are more than 500 people. Every weekend attracts thousands of pilgrims. People with mental illnesses go, they are working – that is the core business of the monastery.

come To you mentally ill people?

– They are not mentally ill, and people with spiritual deviations. You know, in the monastery comes amchitka.

– Yes, I heard that Sergei Romanov “casts out demons”.

something like that. Any Orthodox place, always come to a lot of spiritually unhealthy people. This is not necessarily a demon-possessed man, a spiritual deviation, connected, for example, with sin. So in the monastery doing more important things than responding to petty cheap provocations.

– How much time father Sergius’s still willing to keep the convent?

– In the monastery no one is holding a siege, people normally live there.

– are You with me speak politely, what prevented meeting Ksenia Sobchak?

– Before Sobchak did not attempt to communicate properly.

– Why the film crew Director Sergei Ariankavu broke his arm?

– you Need to understand that we had with Argentavis communicated. Some time ago we put it on the temple grounds. I personally told him about the monastery, my wife talked to him. He was given the opportunity to shoot. Sergey received the picture, and then he abruptly changed the shoes, said they have another movie script about covid-dissidence and violence. After some time, came back here with a lady with a broken nose.

They entered through the main entrance, and jumped out of the forest. In fact, a group of individuals committed acts of hooliganism, illegally entered the territory of the monastery were filming using obscene language.

– So talk to Sobchak, you see, managed to avoid conflict.

They broke into the moment when the monastery kept its worship. In the temple were children, the disabled, the elderly, who suffer from heart disease, they can not nervous. People Sobchak organized a competent PR on the eve of the release of a new project. I wonder why the very Sobchak was not prosecuted for public acts of hooliganism?

Before the trip Sobchak was associated with Sergius Romanov?

I Have no such information. You know that one of the local provocateur trying to get in father Sergius, a few weeks before the arrival of Sobchak, he politely refused.

Xenia wanted to investigate allegedly occurred in the monastery of child abuse, about which she told the former novices. What’s the story?

– Some of the former novices internationalwhether Sobchak. For Example, Christina. This girl was twice expelled from the monastery for disgusting behavior. Taken back at the request of her parents, who complained that she was uncontrollable. The second young man indulges Sobchak – Philippe. The guy was expelled from the monastery after he started to use banned substances that have carried to the monastery. To accuse the father of Sergei that the monastery bullying of children – is silly. Constantly come to us the inspector on Affairs of minors, all children are under control.

– part of the nuns had left the convent. With them what happened?

– In the monastery, home to more than 520 people. Spent 3-4 nuns. The margin of error.

So why did they leave?

trying to kick father Sergius. It is not pleasing, it is trying to destroy. No one cares about the fate of sick people, children who live in the monastery.

Ecclesiastical court banned the father of Sergey in the Ministry, but he continues to serve is not a violation?

There are big questions of the canonicity of this decision of the Yekaterinburg diocese.

– Romanova may be expelled from the monastery?

– as far As I know, security forces made an official and statements that this is an internal Church conflict.

to Interfere they will not?

– As I understand it, will not.

But to answer for the broken hand of the Director someone will have.

– I Think after a while the Director realizes that was wrong, and he will repent.