Actress Kristina Asmus, known to many Russians on the role of Varya Chernous from the Comedy TV series "Interns", was struck by Network users new statement. The actress shared with fans the desire to get rid of hair on the head.

In his personal Instagram blog 32-year-old star surprised his fans unexpected recognition. As reported by the actress, she wants to say goodbye to their hair. However, the star is ready to go on such a radical image change just for the sake of a good role in a movie.

Publish from the Kristina Craig (@asmuskristina) 12 Jul 8 2020 in:54 PDT

– As I want to shave my head Just – sorry. But for a good role tomorrow (here and further the original style preserved – approx. ed.), – shared his thoughts star in the social network.

Fans commented on the publication of Asmus, was not able to come to a common opinion about the movie stars. Many disapproved of this idea and asked darling not to touch it "elegant" hair. Other fans praised the actress for her bravery and asked to film the process of cutting, if she decide to do so. But the majority of followers came to the conclusion that Asmus will still be beautiful even with a bald head.

"You look beautiful", "This ideal type of person all go bald though. Like Charlize Theron or demi Moore" – expressed his opinion subscribers.

But also there were those who linked the desire Asmus change the appearance with the recent news about the divorce process with her husband Garik Kharlamov. Subscribers Asmus said in the comments that the girls often want to cut their hair when they have something going on in life, for example, separation or divorce.

Earlier edition VSE42.Ru reported that the comedian Garik Kharlamov threw a party after the announcement of the divorce with his wife Christina Asmus. According to media reports, the comedian spent time in the company of friends and colleagues in karaoke.

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