From pedal to dispensers Parking for people.

After the pandemic COVID-19 world will never be the same, the researchers say. Your predictions about how we will look after the quarantine was announced by the historians of fashion and stylists, and social scientists presented the first research on how the pandemic affects our everyday reality. But now there are many new practices that six months ago we could not imagine.

the world’s First drive-in opened in the U.S. in 1933. Their peak was in the late 1950s. In the early 2000s, this practice is slowly beginning to go back in time, but suddenly got a second wind with the pandemic coronavirus. due mode of isolation of the chocolates have earned and in Russia — in Novosibirsk and Kaliningrad.

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How to wash or disinfect their hands in a public toilet without touching hands to the dispenser? Very easy to use foot pump. Such know-how began to appear in some countries.

supermarkets have long been there auxiliary lines to maintain a safe distance. Came the parks.

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According to the health Ministry, the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Russia during the regime of isolation increased by 2-3%. In many other countries — even more. So it is not surprising that supermarkets instead of salads now sell liquors.

My grocery store has replaced the salad in the salad bar with…. liquor.

food vendors on the street came up with a safe way to deliver orders to customers.

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Cafe in Maryland figured out how to keep a safe distance between visitors asked them to wear inflatable “tables”.

This restaurant in Maryland intends to use bumper to keep customers tables six feet apart once it begins to take seated diners.

to get a Cup of coffee in the coffee shop, now you need to move only in a special markup.

Just walked by a Starbucks in SF that is gearing up for a post corona reopening. Green and white tape for lines, directional arrows, road cones, designated waiting area dots plexiglass between barista and customer, no condiment bar, no seating. #covid

In the gym those��er to come in the mask and to keep a safe distance.

As I’ve visited our reopening gyms across Texas over the last few days, I’ve loved connecting with hundreds of our @GoldsGyms members. They are happy to be back, and I am thankful for their loyalty and dedication to our iconic fitness brand. #StrongerTogether

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