The Corona-crisis has a profound effect on our everyday life. Especially Senior affected: citizens over 65 years of age. They are considered to be particularly vulnerable risk group and should remain at home, to the risk of Infection to avoid the Virus. And the shopping? The take on neighbours or family members. But this is not always possible.

that is Why the Swiss Red cross launched, in cooperation with the car importer Amag and its VW brand and the wholesale distributor Coop a new home-delivery service. From now on, people can order more than 65 years in the regions of Bern, Lausanne, VD, Olten and Zurich, Goods of daily needs by E-Mail or by phone. The purchases are then delivered by volunteers door-to-door (see Box).

Swiss VW-in-chief seized the initiative

also Amag employees work as a Delivery driver. Currently, for example, the Amag-VW spaces in closed garage due to the Federal Council’s measures against the Coronavirus. This creates space for voluntary commitment. The Amag employees brought Christian Wiegel, VW brand chief, Switzerland, into the game: “We want to take the Initiative to help those Affected in the current Situation.”

More Volunteers are also on the Amag also welcome Many volunteers from the Swiss Red cross belong to the risk group of the over 65-Year-old and can no longer engage currently open to the public.

the most important

this is a test run last week tested Wiegel and five colleagues from the senior management of Amag and VW Switzerland, the processes, and delivered by a company car, a total of 70 Einkaufssäckli. Each Volunteer receives at the Invite of the products, a detailed route plan, with which he deploys the bags. Important about the Delivery: keep your distance. Only purchases on the threshold set, and ring, and two meters back. Therefore, the payment of Goods is also cash – and contactless payment by invoice.

Wiegel hopes to have enough volunteer drivers to offer to other regions: “to experience The Feedback and the gratitude of the people, is very moving, and in difficult times, at the same time very motivating. A special thank you goes out to all the employees that are involved here.”

So, the delivery service

works As you can use the home delivery service of the Swiss Red cross? Condition: you are over 65 years old and live in Berne, Lausanne, VD, Olten or Zurich; other regions will follow.

Coop has selected 100 products of daily needs. Under a PDF shopping list to Fill; orders are via the phone 0800-65’00’00 possible. The minimum order value is CHF 20, delivery fees will not be collected. The purchases will be shipped on the following business day; will be billed by invoice.

in Addition, it needs more Volunteers – the more, the better. And not only Amag employees: Who ran to support the in-house service of the Swiss Red cross as a driver, you can register online:

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