The Corona-crisis by proposing in March on the car market. After the new-vehicle sales in January and February had fallen by double digits (-10,2, or a -13.8%), broke in the new cars market in March with a decline of 39.4 percent compared to the same month last year solid. After that were sold in March, 17’556 PW; the Minus for the whole year, 2020 is 23.1 percent.

Particularly strong lost out to March 2019, this import have) your with a significant share of the market: Citroën (-63,1%), Opel (-58,1%), Audi (-50,9%), Ford (-44,9%) and Skoda (-40,1%. About a third lose their Seat (-34,7%), Renault (-31,3%), VW (30.9 m%) and Mercedes (-29,8%); BMW of it comes down -13.9 percent lightly.

Small, with the highest losses

brands such as Aston Martin (-78,9%), Honda (-86,4%), Smart (-86,8%), or SsangYong (-95,3%) have lost considerably more, but because of their small market share, the little power of expression. Amazing: Mitsubishi (+39%) and Porsche (+22%) to place, probably as a result of the availability long of ordered and expected new models such as the Mitsubishi ASX and Porsche Taycan together.

The reasons for the slump, according to the car importers Association Auto-Schweiz diverse – but all of the Corona-crisis: In the Wake of the European lock-downs, the works were closed and the car production until further notice shut down. This slows down both the delivery as well as the launch of new models in the traditionally strong sales spring of.

With the closing of the Schowräume the Mechanic because of the government’s measures to remain customers. Even the massive social changes during the Corona of a crisis are superimposed on the buying mood of the people in Switzerland. “The true impact of the lack of orders and deliveries will only be made in the course of the next weeks and months to be seen,” says car-Switzerland spokesman Christoph Wolnik.

CO2 targets could be missed

This Situation the whole of the Swiss automotive industry is faced with major challenges, Wolnik: “We very much hope that the support measures of the Federal government in the area of short-time work and the bridge loans have its full effect, and so this can be avoided worst. After all, more than 225’000 Swiss jobs are, directly or indirectly, of the vehicle depending on the industry.”

With the de facto Standstill of the Swiss new car market and the Absence of new, fuel-efficient models with electric or Plug-in hybrid drive is the risk that the Swiss car importers are required to accept will not be within reach of your the since January, more stringent CO2 limit, and in addition to the revenue, penalty payments, a decline is on the rise. In the European Union, the possible easing of the CO2 is discussed in regulations.

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