– until all have enough, but the reserve is, frankly, not a lot, – says Elena Andrievskaya, she directs the center and Foundation of friends of the Baltic ringed seals. It is this Foundation for the past years saves pinnipeds in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Since 2013, in the village of Repino is a Center for the study and conservation of marine mammals. Here the pups born and narpat are treated, nursed and then released into the wild.

For two months, the centre received 27 pinnipeds, more was only in 2014 when the center for the season took 29 guests.

the Reason is the weather. Due to the abnormally warm winter the ice on the Gulf of Finland and Ladoga lake and stood up. For pinnipeds is bad. The fact that ice floes to rest and fatten the fat females before birth. This year they had instead of rest all the time to stay on the water, but also to battle with the elements, because the spring storms have been very strong. In the end, the newborn pups were taken from mothers weakened by the waves.

This situation was predictable, and animal rights activists were preparing to receive a large number of orphaned cubs. This year they are accommodated in individual boxes, and also in the so-called houses for the seals. It was supposed that these structures will be placed in the Ladoga lake and the Gulf of Finland, so there could swim pregnant females to give birth there and live with the kids the first time after giving birth. But it turned out otherwise: the houses are in the centre and live young.

everyone has their own sad fate. For example, recently, veterinarians were able to stabilize the condition of the little female seal found under Ust-Luga. Animal rights activists seriously feared for her life, the baby was malnourished and lost a lot of blood after the attack of stray dogs. Is on the mend and the baby Ladoga ringed seal. Belek was discovered in the village of Morozov, he was exhausted and boclean birds.

Three narpat could not save. One died the next day after arriving at the center, two more died during treatment.

the Difficulty is that the weak and newborn animals should not use potent medications, says Elena Andrievskaya. In addition, the pups born and narpat that a week or two old, it is necessary also to feed. It is a science. Initially, the nutrient solution provide with probes, then learn to swallow small fish. By the way, the pups and the pups of the seal do not lie in the pools by day, they sleep on Terry towels and bathrobes, and sometimes even wrapped in them.

Since early may, those of pups born and narpat, who recovered and gained weight, will start to release into the wild. To freedom pinnipeds prepare gradually: learn to “hunt” in the pool for fish, minimize contact with people. Such measures are necessary to pinnipeds forgotten man, began to see him as a friend is necessary��IMO for survival.

it is Expected that by mid-summer, all seals and ringed seals will be the rehabilitation and return to habitat. And in the Center for the study and conservation of marine mammals will be only one seal whose name is Krolik.

Krasiko four years, found him on lake Ladoga in the spring of 2016, he weighed only four pounds, he was frostbitten fins. Rehabilitation lasted two years. But even after recovery, Krasic and could not live without people. He was released into lake Ladoga twice, but he returned to the people, jumped on a yacht, swam to the fishermen and tourists. Then the animal rights activists decided to return Krasica in the center where he lives to this day.