the Chairman of the Duma Committee on health Dmitry Morozov sure if the second wave will be, to meet her Russian health care can prepared. “We’re gonna do it more efficiently because there is experience and understanding of what you need to do,” he said, stressing that by this time already partly formed immunity, as the number of survivors is increasing.

As noted by head of the laboratory of vaccine research Institute of vaccines and sera them. I. I. Mechnikov Mikhail Kostinov, population immunity today the national average is 30%, in Moscow – 65%, it is expected that by autumn it will grow by 5-8%. The figures are quite high, however, the virus may cease to circulate only in the case if a stable immunity to it will have 95% of the population, he explained. Then universal vaccination is not required. While Kostinov said, people have seasonal immunity, which is typical for the territories where four distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. “People living in this climate, especially arranged in the immune system. In the summer they have the body becomes stronger in winter the immune system is compromised. These Russians are different from Brazilians, which the winter never seen,” he said. Therefore for the people of our country the period of the onset of the second wave of coronavirus is largely dependent on weather conditions. The weather is good – the incidence will be lower. In bad weather the increase in the incidence of can begin even in September, I’m sure Kostinov.

to Provoke a new outbreak of the coronavirus may be the beginning of the school year, does not exclude Nikolai Briko. “And now we need to understand how we will begin September with kindergartens, schools. COVID-19 – the disease of organized groups, the infection primarily affects those who abide in places of a mass congestion: the virus can spread easily in nursing homes, in the military, in educational institutions. This is a worldwide statistic. This must be taken into account,” – said the expert.

In the CPS admit that in some regions school ruler can pass remotely. “Everything will depend on the epidemiological situation. It is clear that our ordinary lives have changed, and now many of the traditional forms of events are becoming the online format”, – explained the “RG” in the Department. The most effective way to prevent a second wave in the CPS continues to believe that compliance with mask mode, social distance, hand washing, and from the authorities – timely blocking of new foci of infection.

still high hopes for the vaccine. But, as explained by Mikhail Kostinov, on the mass vaccination and speech can not be. Any vaccine will not be released in mA��cial production, until it can be proven that the drug is safe and effective. Work on the 26 vaccine candidates, but clinical trials on volunteers are currently just two. The priority – immunization of elderly and sick people. So still to understand, protect whether the drug older people. And, of course, to instill in the children will last.

the Experts were of the opinion that the severity of COVID-19 depends on human immunity. Prevention of complications from the coronavirus can be vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcal infection. At least not ill with two viruses at once. Secondly, it was noted that the new adjuvant of the Russian flu vaccine indirectly form immunity to other infections, particularly coronavirus. And a new vaccine against pneumococcal infection increases non-specific factors of immunity in humans, that is, increases the body’s resistance to all the viruses and infections at once.

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