It is always in reception and 24 hours in the use of – our hearing. In addition to the See, the Hearing is considered the second most important sense-perception of the people, which makes it possible to distinguish up to 400,000 tones. We can understand what others say, emotions, interpret, listen to music, but also the dangers to perceive. In the mother’s womb, the cochlea, the so-called cochlear is already in place between the 16. 23. Week of pregnancy fully formed, so that the Unborn do not have a sense of ambient noise. Even worse, when the hearing ability declines in old age, and we have a hard time to us all of a sudden, following a simple conversation.

Hearing Loss in Old Age is Not by Fate

According to studies, users of hearing aids that are rechargeable have doubled these past few years, as noise is becoming the leading cause of hearing loss.

But why is it that the ear decreases common in people over 50? Dr. Michael E. Deeg of the German professional association of ear, nose and throat doctors, “the expert explains:” The so-called age-related hearing loss (Presbycusis), there are actually. “A certain deterioration of the hearing in the course of life is a natural process, yet it is no inevitable destiny in the age to be hard of hearing. There are certainly older people who can still hear well“, said the expert. Rather, a discount from the hanging end of the hearing largely from three factors:

  • genetics
  • diseases
  • noise damage

A man to 20 years hears in a frequency range of 16 to 20,000 Hertz. “This frequency range is for normal, everyday Listening but not important – the frequency range for normal speech intelligibility is in the 500 to 4000 Hertz,” says Deeg. In comparison, animals hear much better: dogs, for example, up to 50,000 Hertz, cats up to 65,000 Hertz and bats up to a high frequency of 200,000 Hertz.

DIN – The Greatest Danger To Our Hearing

One of the main damage factors, which lead to a deterioration of hearing is actually noise. “Preventive measures for Hearing impairment in professional life has become much less frequently – be it in factories, on construction sites, etc”. Because, from a value of 85 decibels, employers must provide employees with hearing protection available.

In the leisure area, however, was different: “In Clubs and at concerts, Mr strengths of over 100 decibels, some loud”. Who had exposed himself to such levels regularly, the course is quite a risk to damage his hearing, the ear-specialist.

at the Latest after the age of 50. The ageing index is often a slow onset sensorineural hearing loss. “The hair cells die in the Cochlea,” says Deeg. A harbinger of this process is the so-called “party hearing loss is often”. That is, that people do have become increasingly difficult to follow conversations if there is a higher noise level prevails.

Vascular Diseases Have A Negative Effect On The Hearing Of

in addition to noise injury and genetic factors can also put many diseases behind it. “In General, all diseases, which have an influence on the vascular system. For this purpose, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and thus a negative impact on the sense of hearing impact,“ says Deeg heard. But also Diabetes and other metabolic disorders can contribute to hearing impairment.

for this reason, the ENT advises doctors to prevent diseases for a healthy lifestyle, the disorders of blood circulation and vascular. Research has also shown that good hearing also has to do with a healthy cardiovascular system. Therefore, movement and Sport play a big role when it comes to hearing well in old age.

a nutrient-rich, healthy diet with lots of vitamins such as B, C, E, and beta-carotene as well as iron and Omega-3 fatty acids, which strengthen the nerve cells and the nerve conduction to the brain belongs. Therefore, malnutrition is also a risk for a hearing, Deeg. An unbalanced diet with too much sugar, alcohol, and caffeine can constrict the blood vessels in the inner ear and thus lead to an under-supply, which restricts the function.

Plug-In Your Ear – No Ear Sticks To Use

Also from the use of ear swabs, the ENT advises against the doctor urgently: “watt lost chopsticks, nothing in the ear and push the earwax further into the ear. In addition to injuries of the tympanic membrane can result in also plug in the ear, whereby the hearing performance deteriorates as well. With a rinse or other instruments of the ears, doctor could remove this but.

For the prevention of hearing loss recommends Deeg in addition, all exposed to in the leisure of loud noises, such as Hobby-musicians or motorcycle drivers to wear ear protection. “For a little money, there are earplugs of good quality, which can prevent injury.”

Also listen to music with headphones poses a threat. Especially if you turn the volume up to drown out ambient noise in road transport, Deeg. It is important, hearing is not permanently a level of about 85 decibels to suspend. “In the case of high sound energy, the subtle senses will be pressed cells in the inner ear, literally, flat as the cereals on a field during a storm,” says Deeg. With luck, the hairs are back, but this is with continued exposure, unfortunately, is not always the case.

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