Long, you may not have used the Liverpool. On Saturday, the reigning Champions League has been requested by winner, help from the state and members and employees in short-time work is sent. The Shitstorm has, of course, not have to wait long: legends, and Fans have criticised this step of the arg, since the club has recently recorded an annual profit of almost 50 million Swiss francs (VIEW reported).

Two days later, the change of mind comes. Not wanting to change but to short-time work, writes managing Director Peter Moore, in a letter to the Fans. “We believe that we came last week to the wrong conclusion and we’re really sorry,” the words of the Liverpool top. It is now seeking “alternative means” to pay the staff. What are the measures in question, is open.

ManCity wants to emphasizes no help

Moore, there is “great uncertainty and concern about our present and our future.” Liverpool wanted to prepare as good as possible on different scenarios, so that the football can in future work as it had been before the pandemic.

by the Way: League-rival Manchester City never had the intention to apply for help from the state. In a Statement, the City writes: “it remains Our goal to save the Jobs of our employees, while we simultaneously support the society in these difficult times.”

In the Premier League have been announced by Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Bournemouth and Norwich City, to introduce shorter working hours. (mam)