it’s over. From 1. April Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) are not senior Royals more. On your Instagram Account, the two say goodbye. “Many thanks to this Community for the support, the Inspiration and the common commitment for the Good of the world. We look forward to connecting with you again soon. You were great!” Also, if you will listen to Instagram for the time being, nothing more of them, will go to work in the Background.

Harry and Meghan have a PR company hired

According to the Royal Reporter Omid Scobie gave the Couple two days before her official resignation by a speaker of an Update. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are going to spend the next months in order to focus on her family,” it says in a Statement. To do this, you give your Best and continue their work, to support existing charities and to develop their future non-profit organization. This is led by Catherine St-Laurent. You used to work for Bill (64), and Melinda (55) Gates. Now you will be the new chief of Staff of the Harry and Meghan.

Also, the communication is re-organized. Not a member of the communication unit of the court will act on behalf of the Sussex more, “including the speaker of the Palace, the representatives of the households, or other Royal sources”. The media work in the USA and all Commonwealth countries will in the future take over the PR firm Sunshine Sachs in New York. For the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of the former adviser to the Royal Foundation, will be Holt, James, in charge.

Five million Swiss francs per year for protection

For your safety, will ensure the Royal Couple themselves, as they confirmed. “Reporting and speculation about security measures that can increase the risk for all those to be protected,” says a spokesman for the couple. Therefore, there would be no further comment. As the “Sun” reported, to protect former soldiers of the Special Air Service Meghan and Harry. This is a special unit of the British army. Previously, this should have already been protecting Stars such as Brad Pitt (56) and Angelina Jolie (44). The price is high.

The famous Beverly Hills Bodyguard Russell Stuart, whose company Force Protection Agency, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez (50) and Mariah Carey (50) has served, estimates the cost of their private security service to about five million Swiss francs per year. “Each of you will need two to four guards, who are always with them. Each property that you call home, you must also be constantly guarded.” They are two of the most famous people in the world, and are now in need of more protection than ever. (bsn)